Imagine my delight when I walked outside yesterday and found that Miss Phoebe Hellebore is getting ready to herald her arrival! I love the delicate contrast of her soft petals and whisper pink color against the harsh winter surroundings. She clearly hasn't minded this wicked winter.
Her cousins haven't fared quite as well. These two Hellebores, purchased this year to join Miss Phoebe, were apparently yummy deer food at some point in the last few weeks. (Yes, they are supposed to be deer-resistant, but we all know what that means -- nothing!)
They ate one plant down to the nubbins, but they're both still green at the base, so I am assuming they will return in their own good time. (If someone doesn't snack on them again, that is.)

Any Hellebores peeking out from under their little green umbrellas at your house yet?

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