Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow sneaks in under the Spring wire...

They say we've had 1.3 inches of snow here in Austin, Texas at 1:30 in the afternoon, CST. It's amazing. Big, fat, wet flakes came down in a flurry several times this morning -- giving us a winter wonderland treat.

Hard to believe that it was 76F and sunny here yesterday. That's more like our normal weather, but we all know there is a chance of freezing temperatures anytime in March, though it's not very likely.
Our tropical foliage is covered with a frozen dusting of magic.
This great snow is making beautiful abstract scenes in our once-green and brown gardens.

The birds were flocking to the feeders at lunch, looking for some fuel to warm them up on this blustery day.
I'm not sure how the Rainbow Swiss Chard feels under this blanket.
Footprints in the snow -- and proper use of those cute rubber boots!
See the accumulation? They say it's the most snow we have had here since the winter of 1984-85. And I remember -- my little boy was a year old and we have pictures of him bundled up and placed in the snow. He just stood there and stared at it!
Snowflake art on the roof of the greenhouse from the inside -- where it is toasty warm today and the heaters are both going.
The view of snow outside the greenhouse, seen through the succulents and cacti that are nice and warm inside.
Dakota says, "I don't really know about this white stuff -- what's going on out here in my yard?"
Winecup seems a little chilly out here today.
The Mahonia is bizarre looking to begin with -- snow adds another element to it's exotic look.
Artemis looks abandoned with no floral hair and covered in snow.
I sure hope these Daffodils don't mind being wet and snowed-upon. Sure would hate to lose them now.

It's just one big adventure living here, isn't it? Did YOU have snow today?


Gail said...

It's really beautiful and so wrong for your garden! The daffs will survive, it's low 20's and teens that do them in~ gail

Cindy, MCOK said...

Diana, it's a strange beauty, isn't it? I love the flowering quince in the snow!

Annie in Austin said...

Up in far NW Austin we had several inches of snow in Feb 2004 - piled up and melted fast!

Isn't it fun to see our gardens in snow, Diana? Pretty but harmless.... not like hail!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

getgrounded said...

Love the Quince in the snow! And the Mahonia - great pic. What a treat we have had today, haven't we?

LindaCTG said...

Great pictures, Diana! I bet Dakota is having a real good time!

Iris said...

Such pretty photos! I remember that mid-'80s snow, too, but it stuck to the streets. No icy streets today--yea!

Linda/patchwork said...

It's mostly sleet here, in Wimberley. A few big, fluffy flakes. Not as much as you had. It's pretty, though.

Andrea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I bet that is quite a surprise to find your garden covered with snow. My friend lives near Dallas and they were shocked to see snow today, too.
We have had lots of it here in Germany. I used to live in KS and were blessed with plenty of it as well. Still - I am ready for spring.
Best wishes from Germany, Andrea

Meredith said...

That's crazy! We're getting a cold spell later this week, and I hope there's no snow in it. My cabbages are in and the peas are up, boo hoo!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We only had a few flurries. Your doggie looks perplexed with the snow. I bet your daffs are ok with the snow.

Jean said...

I like the picture from inside your greenhouse - makes me think of how warm and cozy it must be in there. I remember the snow from 84-85 very well. I remember getting in one huge traffic jam near downtown on Lamar and then finally abandoning my car - it was crazy! Your snow this time looks very civilized. :-) No snow here yet but there are predictions for it.

Diana said...

Gail: It is beautiful, even if it killed every little green bud that had popped out. Glad to know about the Daffs - not a problem we normally have here!

Cindy: I love the contrast between our tropical and desert plants covered with snow.

Annie: I don't think we got much in 04 - just a trace. And yes, it is much better than that hail that pelted your garden so mercilessly.

GetGrounded: Yes, I love the sight of plants with branches, flowers with no leaves and the stark contrast of the snow. It was so fun to throw snowballs and make snowmen and take pictures all day.

LindaCTG: It was a fun day. Dogs didn't know what to make of it. Tanner couldn't take care of his business because the snow covered up all the good smells!

Iris: I remember that ice! I got stuck slipping down the 15th street hill trying to get up it to get to Lamar! Funny how those memories flood back.

Linda/Patchwork: Hope you got some snowflakes since you commented. Sleet just not as much fun, is it?!!

Andrea - Vielen Dank! Glad you came over. I have family - aunts, uncles, cousins in Germany and know you have a hard winter. Darmstadt, Frankfurt u. Weilerswist near Koeln. I'd love to be there with them for the Kristkindelmarkt one year, but am afraid of the cold!

Meredith: I hope you can keep your peas warm - they won't like it quite that cold, will they? Other than killing new buds, this is milder than our Dec. cold snap of +/- 19F, so our plants have already died that were gonna die.

Lisa - My dogs were perplexed! Tanner especially - Dakota high-tailed it back to the back door right away. Happy to know the Daffs will be fine - I didn't know - never had it snow on them!

Jean - As I commented back to Iris above - I was sliding all around 15th st. when it snowed that Jan of 85 so much. It was very civilized here - several nice thick dustings, it held most of the day and let us play in it for a little while after school. Perfect. Going away now.

sweet bay said...

76 degrees yesterday? OK that's the nuttiest weather I've ever heard of. lol

Enjoy the snow! It is magical.

Kathy said...

Yes, I did have snow today--and rain--and snow again. For what it's worth, I've had snow on my daffodils many a time, and they've been no worse for it.

Diana said...

Sweet Bay: Well, we've all had a strange weather year, but this is a real yo-yo here! Surely it can't last much longer.But I enjoyed the day thoroughly.

Diana said...

Kathy -- Heck, you've had snow for days, no, weeks, no, months, no ... a quarter or more? So your snow today isn't really classified as 'news!' Ha! I relieved that the Daffodils are just as happy with a little chill. They cheer up the whole brown & dead garden and I'd hate to lose them at this point. Our snow is going away now...yours?!

Janet said...

We are due to get some more snow today or tomorrow. We were in TX the winter of '84-'85 and I don't remember the snow....hmm?? Maybe it is because I was pregnant and focused inward.
Artemis is an interesting planter....with or without 'hair'.

Diana said...

Janet -- More snow? We are done today - it's almost all melted here. I love artemis -- I got a good deal on her and she's a great focal point at the end of the dry river rock bed.Ha - if you were pregnant in 85, you probably weren't focused on the weather!

Jayne said...

What beautiful photos Diana. I drove through some snow flakes on the way home from work yesterday, here in Houston, but the ground was wet, so nothing stuck.

オテモヤン said...


Lancashire rose said...

The flowering quince is lovely. It really was fun to see the garden with a dusting of snow. I bet Dakota was licking it up. Our dog used to love jumping and rolling in the snow, burying his nose in it and then sneezing. Like you I spent time int he greenhouse where it was warm.

kate smudges said...

It seems so odd to visit Austin blogs and see photos of snow. Dakota made me smile ~ my dog always hesitates to go outside after the first snowfall. I love Artemis with snow. Thankfully, plants are tough and snow doesn't seem to bother them much as long as the temps aren't too cold.

Pam/Digging said...

Like you, I really enjoyed our rare snowfall. And for once AISD didn't overreact and close schools early---but I wanted them to! By the time my kiddos got home, most of the snow was all gone.