Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little Vitamin D...

See that right there?

No, not the bulbs...see...what's embracing the bulbs?

It's sunshine.

We haven't had a lot of that the last two weeks, and I've been in bed most of that time with a sinus infection I can't seem to shake.

But yesterday, the sun shined. I got a little energy, my good friend Robin, at GettingGrounded brought me some chicken soup and tea, and I think I turned the corner.

When I ventured outside to survey the garden and bask in that sunshine, I passed (for the hundredth time) a little plastic pot into which I had literally tossed a dozen or so bulbs I didn't have time to plant. That was months ago - when I tossed them there, and they've been sitting in the garage - STARING at me. Lately, they've sent up green shoots to yell at me on top of the bulbs.

So, yesterday, with my ears ringing, I thought -- I'm not up to much, but surely I could spend 10-15 minutes planting these darn things so they will quit hollering at me. I have no idea what they are, either! I know that the little ones are passalong irises and the big ones on the left I bought myself and never planted. I think they might be paperwhites intended for a pretty glass jar with rocks.
Aren't they pathetic? But they all had a smidgeon on green on them. So I soaked them in some water and dutifully planted them in the garden.

But don't tell anyone their story...I'm afraid someone will call PPS (Plant Protective Services) on me!

Do you have any plants, bulbs or seeds in your garden in need of an advocate? Do you peer over your gate in fear that your neighbors will call PPS on you?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure the PPS has been alerted many times about me and my ways. ha... Glad you are feeling better. I am sure those bulbs are feeling better now too.

Diana said...

Ha, Lisa. I'll bet those bulbs are feeling a lot better now. And I've shed myself a few pounds of guilt!

getgrounded said...

Diana, aren't bulbs amazing? We toss them aside, leave them in a bag or bucket, forget about them, plant them at the wrong times, you name it. And they STILL manage to give us flowers! It seems they don't take anything personally no matter what we do to them, and continue on their merry path they were destined for. We could all learn from that, yes?
Congrats on feeling better finally!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. I know exactly how you feel, too. The sunlight helps but it's also frustrating to get a bit of sunlight finally, have so much to do in the garden, and barely be able to muster the energy to do it.

I hope your upward trend keep trending upward.

Diana said...

getgrounded: The bulbs are amazing. And we certainly could learn from them, that's a very insightful thought. I'm so happy that they survive in spite of me!

MSS: Yes, the sunlight is a double-edged sword. But yesterday it leaned a little toward the energetic side for me. Little things like sweeping the patio made me feel good -- productive, finally, after more than a week of doing little to nothing inside and not even venturing out. I hope I keep trending upward, too -- thanks for the good karma!

Annie in Austin said...

It's good to read that you're on the upswing, Diana! The combination of sun and less wind made it a good day to be outside.
Some iris turned up here, dug up to be transplanted months ago.
Like your bulbs, they might not bloom this year, but they're planted and have a chance.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm not worried about the PPS outside, but I close my curtains at night. There's a little African Violet next to the kitchen sink that needs to be rescued.
I love tough plants like bulbs & Irises, they're so forgiving. Doesn't sunlight work wonders on the spirit, as well as the body?

Jayne said...

Glad to hear you had a chance to get out in the sunshine Diana. I hope you make a full recovery soon. That crud has been going around I think. I had it, and my hubby had it too. I don't have any bulbs (although I want to get some this year) but I have some seeds that I need to get started at some point..

Gail said...

Glad you are doing well...I missed that you were sick...must have been when I had that head cold for a week! The sun came out today and I just sat in the garden...48 degrees feels balmy. What a winter when below 50 feels good...gail

Diana said...

Annie - I am on the mend, thanks for the well wishes. Amazingly, several sets of bulbs I planted a few weeks ago are already coming up!

MMD -- I've almost completely given up on plants in the house - just not my thing and I'd have to keep the curtains drawn all the time like you! I love the sun - makes everything better, doesn't it?

Jayne - Thanks, I am slowly getting there. I need to put seeds into pots, too...maybe this weekend.

Gail -- Sorry you were sick - hope you're on the mend now. That crud just seems to hang on endlessly. But the sun does make it all better. What a winter is right!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

If we had a PPS around here, Diana, they would have made a visit to me long ago;-) How cool that there is 'life' in these bulbs that you just 'tossed'. I hope you will feel better and be treated to a wonderful show of blooms (whatever they turn out to be)! (I'm sick w/a sinus infection too,,,just started antibiotics yesterday after almost 4 wks of 'knowing' I had it, just trying to get better on my own. Having them is very draining and tiring, and I feel your pain;-). Take care!!

Diana said...

Jan (TFT):Catching up on posts from when I was sick! Hope you are now on the mend, too. The anti-biotics should help, but it's a slow road. Neti pot? They really work once you get used to it - ugh! I can't believe the new bulbs I planted a few weeks before these are coming up! Some daffs and some Muscari are peeking through. Amazing. Next year - even more bulbs! Be well.