Monday, February 15, 2010

A few early bloomers showing their colors...

This Garden Bloggers Bloom Day finds my garden rather sad, covered with the dreary blanket of winter that's covered us for quite some time this year. In spite of that, Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, invites us to brave the cold and see who's popping up in our gardens for a little bloom.

This Autumn Joy Sedum really should be named, Winter Joy, because she seems to love this winter weather. In spite of a freeze last night, today she's still bright and perky and posing for me.
My grape hyacinths from last year's indoor arrangement are still blooming strong, with lots of other bulbs yet to come from the original 3.
Ms. Phoebe Hellebore is still a sleepy little bud, but she's so close, I decided to stretch it a little and let her join in our bloom day fun.
Several more Daffodils have opened up, but the best is yet to come.
The Japanese Quince is in full bloom and beautiful.
The Leather Leaf Mahonia still has the most interesting blooms on it -- even more unusual with a reddish spent bloom on the stalk when the yellow bells are done blooming.

That's all that's blooming outdoors in my garden.

But I haven't shown you the greenhouse this winter, so I thought today would be a good day for a little tour of what's blooming there.
This Rose Kalanchoe has sent up a giant stalk and is blooming like crazy! And I have thousands of babies -- that fall off the ruffle-edged leaves into every pot I own. (Austin gardeners, if you want one I'll be bringing a bag 'o them to our design event.)
This is the annual impatiens plant that my Mom and Dad gave me 2 years ago in March when our beloved Sierra dog died. I've managed to keep it alive this long and it is amazing to see it in bloom like this.
This is the Bougainvillea given to me by Robin, of Getting Grounded, so it would have a sunny home in which to bloom. It misses you Robin, but its happy!
This is a Cowslip that I bought a few weeks ago at the Natural Gardener. I have no idea if it will survive the heat or the deer in my garden, but I had to have it.
Here's another close up of the Rose Kalanchoe - look at all those blooms!
And now we're indoors. This is the bouquet that my son (26) brought me for Valentine's Day. He came over yesterday and took his little sister (7) out to dinner for Valentine's Day -- just the two of them -- as a special treat, and they brought me back flowers. So sweet, those two.
And this is a rose from the stunning bouquet I got from my husband for Valentine's Day, along with chocolates and a singing card. I'm eating my chocolate right now as I post! I am so blessed.

Our temperatures have been about 10 degrees below normal on average here this winter, which put us down to freezing for several nights this week. Spring may be a little slower arriving here this year, but we have so much to look forward to.


getgrounded said...

Wow! Lots of things going on at your place. Thanks for letting me visit the Bougainvillea - she's happier with you, believe me. My stonecrop isn't blooming at all - yours is awesome. And I can't believe you have impatiens still going after two years - that's really special. I think I would just hang out in your greenhouse.

Caroline said...

Everything looks just lovely, Diana. By the way, I think your new blog banner is a real winner. Happy GBBD!

Diana said...

getgrounded -- You can come visit Miss Bouganvillea any time! The greenhouse is a nice place to sit on a cold, but sunny winter day.

Caroline -- Thanks. I'm still waiting for the rest of the blog to get finished -- crossing my fingers it's soon.

Jean said...

Wow, I just LOVE those blooms on that Echeverria! I also can't believe how much you have going on. Well maybe it's not that much but it's more than most around the U.S.!

Diana said...

Jean - Thanks. Yes, you are right, we have so much more to look at than our northern neighbors who have been covered and recovered in endless snow. And we do love having some sunny days even if they are chilly to us! Spring will come for all of us soon.

Annie in Austin said...

Not only do you have a lot of flowers, Diana - you have enough colors to make a rainbow!
Can't believe the Autumn Joy - my similar pink variety froze back to a few tiny rosettes - microclimate?

Happy GBBD,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

jo©o said...

What a nice welcome message in your sidebar.

I was wondering how you could have tomatoes this time of year and then realized it was your November GBBD post I had arrived on somehow.
Lots of colour already and a very early hyacinth.

Joco at serious-grouching

Gail said...

Despite your harsh weather your garden blooms look delightful. I want to move into your greenhouse...I miss the sunshine almost as much as I miss gardening....gail

Jayne said...

Wonderful blooms Diana, you have such a variety. I can't believe that impatiens is still going. Mine bit the dust in our recent freeze.

LindaCTG said...

Your plants are lovely but the impatiens really won my heart. And those two sweetie-pie kids!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Hellebores, Quince, Daffodils - I grow all of those. None of them show much sign of life, much less beautiful buds & blooms like yours.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Ooops! I forgot to mention that I also like the new blog look. It's lovely.

ConsciousGardener said...

My goodness, I am sooo jealous! I used to have 3 Mahonia's and they were waist high, then my neighbor cut down her old pecan tree that kept them shaded and it was like Jean d'arc at the stake...horrid watching them shrivel up. I tried to move one of them (giant pain in the bohonkus) and it didn't I lost them all three! I love their grapes :) You're blog is looking lovely Diana!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I will have to wait until summer for most of these lovelies. That echeveria is a scorcher.

Lancashire rose said...

I bet on cold days you just pop into the greenhouse to enjoy all those blooms. Is that mother of thousands, Kalanchoe. The leaf looks like the one I have but I only got it in the fall so don't know about the bloom. Are you heating the greenhouse to keep all those tender plants? I have lots of things growing in mine but not a flower. Your hyacinth is very early. Mine have leaves but not the sign of a bud as yet.

Diana said...

Annie -- I can't believe that Sedum either. It is in a pot by the pool in the wide open - the other succulents in that pot died long ago and this just keeps going. I haven't been any warmer here - 20s - so I'm stumped, too!

JoCo -- That would be a surprise if I had tomatoes now - I can see how that was confusing! The hyacinth is early - came from a grocery store pot last year that I had indoors. Who knows what it is, but it's pretty!

Jayne -- that impatiens is in the greenhouse where it's nice and cozy on freezing nights. But I still can't believe it's alive.

Gail -- I know what you mean - the lack of sunshine has been hard on us. Gray days and rain have been good for our drought-stricken earth, but it makes me sleepy and saps my energy.

Linda/CTG -- I know, that impatiens was so puny this summer I almost tossed it, but couldn't bear to do it. Glad I didn't give up. Kinda like I never gave up on the sick pup. Karma maybe.

MMD -- Well, you just keep on coming by to look at mine while you wait just a little bit longer for some spring-like weather. And I will come cool off in your beautiful shade garden when it's 106 here in August! Thanks on the blog - still working on getting it done. But I like it so far.

Conscious Gardener - Thanks - what a Mahonia story. I would never want to have to go near these for any reason. They are just plain MEAN! Never even pruned mine yet and I'm not looking forward to that!

Lisa -- But you have snowdrops that are adorable! There is just something magical to blooms peeking out from the snow. And spring will be here before you know it.

Lancashire Rose -- I got a Mother of Thousands from MSS but this is not it. it's very different. Mine was labeled as a Rose Kalanchoe. I do heat the greenhouse at night. I haven't let it get below about 45 using a space heater, and I have to open it up on sunny days because it can get hot in there now. The Hyacinth is a grocery pot plant that I put in the garden after it bloomed last spring. My photo doesn't do its color justice at all, though.

Pam/Digging said...

You have a lot more going on bloom-wise than I do, Diana. So sorry to hear how sick you've been. Hope you're on the mend and can get out to enjoy our fine afternoon weather.

Diana said...

Pam -- Well I cheated a little on bloom day by posting the greenhouse bloomers, but I like to show them at least once, too.