Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

Our blogging friend Gail, over at Clay and Limestone, has invited us to post our wildflower photos on this fourth Wednesday of the month.

When I first saw her post, I thought, ""

Well, no, not now, but soon! And that's her point. Watching them creep along until they burst forth with beautiful color, dotting our landscape.

The one most easily identified right now in my garden is, of course, the bluebonnet. So, here are a few -- first, what I am seeing scattered about today...
And what I hope to see when Spring has officially arrived!


Gail said...

They are gorgeous and a perfect addition to Wildflower Wednesday~~Glad you joined! gail

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The young bluebonnet foliage is so cute. It kind of reminds me of Lupines.

Cyndy said...

Ahh - those world famous Texas bluebonnets. Cute even as babies!

Diana said...

Gail - happy to join in - gave me an idea for today's post!

MMD -- They are Lupines! Guess that's why they remind you of them!

Cyndy - Yes, we are quite fond of them, aren't we? It's that Texas pride thing!

Jayne said...

My neighbor where I used to live always had a show-stopping display of bluebonnets in his front garden in spring. I love them! (and I'm a transplanted Brit!)