This ain't no mellow yellow!


Admit it.

You've been waiting with bated breath to see the first Daffodil of pseudo-Spring here in Austin!

And here she is.

I think she's a "Yellow Fortune", but then again, she could be a "Dutch Master."

In any case, she's pretty and a single spot of color on this gray and rainy winter day.

I enjoyed my one warm day in the garden this week and got a lot done, but now it's back to reality.

Thunderstorms are forecast for today and tomorrow night we are expecting a low of 28 - pretty cold for us.

And then highs in the 40s for the weekend.

Not gardening weather, but definitely good for the garden. We need the rain as we are still down from the past year's drought.

Luckily, I can peek out and see my little daffodil from the breakfast room window to perk me up!