My little pretties are popping up...

Oh, the pretty ladies of Spring are putting on their finery to come to the party.

I've been all excited about the little green stalks of Narcissus peeking up out of the mulch in various garden beds.

So you can imagine how worked up I got when I realized today, that I actually have things in bloom!

Several Grape Hyacinths are blooming and have clearly naturalized with lots of little friends popping up right behind them.

I forgot I'd planted them, but when I searched previous posts, I found them here:

I realized that they came in an indoor pot with daffodils that I put in the ground when they were done blooming indoors!

How fun.

Love those little surprises.

Strolling through the mostly brown and dormant garden, seeing the little splashes of color just cheers me up.

One clump of Daffodils -- the "Yellow Fortune" that I planted last year (yes, in January!), is already about to bloom.

Should be another day or two. And in 2008 it was February before the first Daffodil bloomed. Go figure.
And while crouched down looking at the Daffodils in amazement, I saw -- beautiful buds all over my Japanese Quince, just waiting to pop open and show off their luscious salmon colored petals.

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