Monday, January 18, 2010

Letting my fingers and my imagination do the walking...

It's thawed here, and today was a beautiful, and warmer-than-normal Texas winter day.

While waiting for the cloudy and cool morning to burn off, I sipped hot tea (with a slice of my Eureka variegated lemon in it) and devoured seed catalogs.

I had several different catalogs that came in the mail and then I went searching for the websites of some of my other favorite sources, like Botanical Interests, Burpee, and Tomato Bob.

Several orders for veggies, cutting flowers and perennials are now processing away across the country.

When the sun came out I was itching to plant things. And even though I have seed packets I could have used, I didn't have seed starter mix, or a plan!

(Being German, I gotta have a plan, don't ya know?!!)

So for tomorrow, I have a plan: Meet garden blogging buddy at garden center, let myself buy 1 or 2 (only) plants, and get some seed starter mix and innoculant and whatever other seeds they might have that I didn't already buy!

When the other packages arrive in the mail, I'll draw a plan for the cutting garden and the veggie garden. Then I can start sowing seeds in little pots in the greenhouse where I can keep them nice and toasty warm.

And this year, I swear I will NOT jump the gun and plant them outside at the earliest possible moment. Instead, I will err on the side of CAUTION, and plant them a safe amount of time after the last danger of frost has passed.

Nope, no more playing around trying to fool Mother Nature for me. After the last year we've had, it's clear to me that she isn't messing around!

How about you? Ready to cry "uncle" to Mother Nature?

P.S. You might have to hold me to that "not jumping the gun" thing!


Janet said...

All those wonderful seed catalogs is really tempting! Planning is certainly key. Finding anything new and unusual? This is the time of year for dreaming!

Diana said...

Janet -- I did find a few interesting things -- Lady Bird Nasturtiums - lemon yellow with raspberry-colored spots, and some pink and white cosmos. And a few heirloom tomatoes to try. Love the mystery of biting into a different variety for the first time!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

If I had a greenhouse I would be jumping guns, fences and everything else trying to get ahead of MN. It is so much fun trying to get a head start.

Diana said...

Lisa - It IS fun to get ahead of Mother Nature - but she usually kicks my ***! My record at playing "chicken" with her isn't so hot!!!

Caroline said...

Even March is too soon for some plants. Last year I started heat-loving veggie seeds in February, and transplanted them in March. They sulked until June! Seems I'm always either too early or too late. The weather's been so crazy, too. I need an almanac!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's so hard not to jump the gun when the excitement of planting fever is upon you. I still haven't got my seed order figured out yet. Need to get that done.

Jayne said...

Great post Dianne. I've been getting those seed catalogs too, but I'm trying to resist the temptation until we get the border and beds dug.

Diana said...

Caroline -- well, I can leave them in the greenhouse until it's sweltering - I'm just always trying to make the garden fit into MY schedule! LOL. That doesn't work very well for me!

MMD -- I do have planting fever, but with everything dead out there, I know clean up has to come first, and it just isn't time yet.

Jayne -- Maybe having seeds in hand will be a better bed-digging motivator!!!