I see Dead things!

Some things are just ... DEAD.

They might come back, mind you. But for now, they are D-E-A-D!
The gingers always die and come back, but not with these frigid temps. Guess we will have to cross our fingers. The Esperanza behind them sometimes don't make it back, even in just a cool year, so I expect to lose some of them. But I have to say, the Ginger smells amazing outside - something about the freeze and thaw that is working on their roots and the best smell is wafting up from them. Interesting, you'd think a freeze would generate no smell. That was one of my complaints about living in Minnesota for a few years - grey, no-smells of outdoors winters.
The onion tops cratered -- wonder if the 1015s in the ground will still form. I pulled a test one and they are only about the thickness of a double-wide green onion so far. I'll cross my toes!
The big ol' 8-ft tall Duranta Erecta succumbed last night. May not get that tall next year. It never froze back or went dorman last fall, so it might take it awhile to get that big again. I'll cross my arms!
Same with the giant Cassias. The Candlestick trees grew for 2 years straight and never stopped. I suspect they will top out at 6 feet next year, instead of 12 feet! I'll cross my legs!

Guess it's gonna be a "short" Spring! (And I don't think I have anything left to cross)

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