A nursery adventure...

As part of our Austin area garden bloggers San Antonio Adventure, we stopped for a private tour of the Madrone Nursery.

My neighbor has been there several times, and she's told me tall tales of the ecclectic nursery, it's collector-owner, Dan Hosage, and all the unusual specimens he has growing there.
He grows only true natives, and he regaled us with tales of how he came into possession of many of his prized specimens. He laughed when he explained that his plants are the heartiest of the hearty -- left to their own devices much of the time, he said he hardens them up for anyone who comes to buy them.
Nothing was labeled, so we had fun trying to ID all sorts of things in various stages of growth. But for a gaggle of Garden Bloggers, that was like more like an entertaining game than a challenge.

We were also escorted by two nice and well-mannered dogs who were right at home climbing among the plants and pots.
And, last by not least, Pam dared me to post this photo, so here it is! (I've never one to shy away once the gauntlet's been thrown!) Luckily for all of us, I didn't photograph the next pose they struck for me~!