Sunday, November 15, 2009

Behind on Bloom day!

Hard to believe it's Bloom Day again!

And while I'm late today with my post, I wouldn't miss out on the invitation extended to all garden bloggers by Carol of May Dreams Gardens to post photos of our garden blooms.

We've had a little fall here in Central Texas, and while the nights are cooler - high 50's, the days are still upper 70's and 80, even.

Many summer perennials and annuals are still blooming, but I'm starting to see a real change in the garden.

Leaves are turning yellow, blooms are slowing, and many plants are setting seed as most prepare to go dormant.

This huge Duranta is still full of blooms, but there are also many little yellow seeds along the blooms.
This Cassia is still standing tall, but the blooms are a much smaller portion of the bloom stalk than they used to be.
The Alyssum loves the cooler weather, though. No slowing down here.
The Marigolds in the garden are still hard at work, keeping the evil insects from the tomatoes!

The roses have been loving these warm days and cool nights. Maggie has lovely blooms like this all over.

And the Hibiscus in this big pot can seem to stop blooming. Was she doing that when we had company out here? No.... she waits until there isn't anyone to see her! So she had to go in my post.
The Texas Betony in the back shade bed is growing like a weed all of a sudden.
This little corner off the back patio is blooming - lantana, Euryops, Loropetalum, and some cannas.
My bougainvillea, a passalong from Robin of Getting Grounded, likes the night air.
The front bed, with many of the same plants as the photo above, including Salvia and Cuphea, hasn't slowed a bit.
The vines on the fence and the Mexican Mint Marigold are putting on a show.
My little mums just started blooming.
I found this Mexican birdbath last week and had to bring it home. She how nice it looks with the transplanted Agapanthus around it? And the Agapanthus says, 'thanks for rescuing us from that evil Dakota-dog-girl!'
And the Turk's Cap in the woods is quite happy. The Turk's Cap in my garden bed is turning yellow and losing leaves rapidly. It's been too wet for it as we've gotten some regular rains.

It's interesting to note the change of seasons in the garden. Next week we are forecast to get down to 39 one night. Yikes! That will change things around here for sure!


Carol said...

Are those green tomatoes I see in your garden? Will they turn red before it gets too cold there? To me your garden looks quite "floral", at least compared to mine.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us!

getgrounded said...

Your garden looks tremendous! I love those Marigolds in there with the tomatoes. Everything looks so lush and wonderful - a great change, isn't it? My Duranta didn't bloom in this, it's first, year, so I get to enjoy yours vicariously. I'm also grateful I got to see that Cassia when it was in full bloom, so stunning. Great post.

Diana said...

Carol, look just past and above the green ones and there are a TON of red romas on there! I picked about 25 tomatoes this weekend. Mostly Romas, but 3 Celebrities. They were a little mealy, but had that good tomato flavor. The Romas are just fair on taste, but great on production. Stewed tomatoes on my to do list for tomorrow.

Diana said...

GetGrounded -- Thanks. Yeah - my Marigolds are on steroids this time. Summer ones were tiny and puny and died fast. Glad you get to see my Duranta. I have a volunteer I really should dig up/overwinter in pot. Not sure if that will happen.

Iris said...

Wow, wow, wow! All your gardens look fantastic! I'm happy for your agapanthus' new home. For some reason, my dog has always left mine alone.

Rose said...

Everything looks so colorful in your garden! The first photo of the Duranta is really eye-catching, but most of all I love that new birdbath! Thirty-nine is a typical nighttime temperature here in the Midwest where most of the blooms are gone, but that sounds awfully cold for Texas.

Diana said...

Iris -- Thanks. You're lucky your dog doesn't dig. That silly girl - I'm sure she will find something new soon enough!

Rose --Have you had a freeze yet? We do still have a lot of color, but it is waning. Now the challenge will be to know when to move pots into the greenhouse to avoid frost and not to bake during the day!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I can't believe you still have tomatoes! Your garden still looks amazing! I love the birdbath!

Diana said...

Robin - we often have a second crop of tomatoes up to our first freeze. One year I picked 200 green tomatoes to save them for windowsill ripening and stewing/freezing!

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Wow, things have doubled since I saw it! Yea on the new birdbath; that looks really neat. I still can't believe your alyssum. . .And stewed tomatoes, aren't you the Martha of us all?! Hope you plan to share the recipe.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I'm looking forward to those cassia seeds more than ever now.

Your duranta is really doubt about what it might be anymore. Or was that another duranta?

Is your Mexican mint marigold staked or something. Mine is about the same height but its flopping all over the place.

Pam/Digging said...

I love your new birdbath and can just imagine it next summer with agapanthus blooms all around it.

Janet said...

I LOVE that birdbath!! What fun colors, the pottery is super. Your whole garden is really having a second wind with the cooler weather. Texas has a nice long growing season that I sometimes forget about.

Annie in Austin said...

The whole garden is so exuberant, Diana! The zinnias in the planter pick up the birdbath colors perfectly. Can't wait to see it with both zinnias and Agapanthus in bloom.
But it's the tomatoes - not the flowers - that spark serious envy in my heart...too much shade for fall crops here ;-[

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Thanks for showing the Duranta, I do believe that is my favorite flower that I can't grow. Is it the color, the flower shape, or the ruffles? I love it all. I wonder how many of us have Sweet Alyssum in bloom in our gardens right now? It's an amazing plant to be in bloom all over this late in the year.

Darla said...

If it's slowing down I bet it was just fantastic a while ago. My Duranta is blooming like crazy too.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Ah, Diana, I love that bird bath. I saw a Duranta like yours blooming in a pot in a friend's garden. It was stunning. Also, I have a friend who grows 'Maggie' a rose you don't often see here. Glad you're still having warm days. Here, it finally decided to get cold. My blood doesn't know what to do. :) ~~Dee

Caroline said...

Oh, that duranta, I so want one. And what a fabulous bird bath find! I wouldn't have been able to resist it either.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks mighty floriforous to me. Happy GBBD.

Gail said...

Diana, So much still going on! How wonderful~~I would love to see your garden from looks beautiful. I do love the red bench, what a nice color and I concur with all~~the new birdbath is stellar. gail

Diana said...

Linda/CTG - And I picked about 20 more tomatoes last night in a freeze panic that was unwarranted! Hmmm... tomato salad...tomato jam...stewed tomatoes!

MSS -- The white Duranta is another one in a pot pruned like a tree, boy you have a good memory! Cassia seeds coming your way soon. The MMM was 3 plants close together, but they have been very bushy from the beginning. They really like that spot. Another I have gets too much shade and it's sad.

Pam - I was tickled pink about the birdbath. It just clicked there with the agapanthus. Now only a few holes to fill on that side!

Janet - and with some rejuvenating rains this fall, it's been like having another spring. The strangest things are in bloom!

Annie - Yes, the Zinnias in the window box look nice with it, too. Too bad the Blackfoot daisies in front of the bed have died. More of them going in in spring. Picked 20 tomatoes last night to save them -- more tomato cooking today!

MMD - I'm with you on the Duranta. I wish the deer didn't eat it, but they love it too. It's the ruffles and the trailing blooms and seeds and wispy structure. All of it!

Darla - my Duranta is in a very protected spot, so I might have it for a while yet if I get lucky!

Dee -- Well, they threatened cold here last night but it didn't happen. Just cooler nights. Delightful, really. But kind of schizo, too!

ConsciousGardener said...

I love your birdbath! Your garden looks amazing, for some reason my Duranta hasn't bloomed? I keep seeing images of everyone elses and am bemused as to what I'm doing wrong. I can't believe you still have tomoatos! Lucky girl!

flowergardengirl said...

Just beautiful, every one. Summer is extended here and I thought it was going to be cold and snowy already.

Thank you for participating in Operation Christmas Child. We raised $800 and made 20 boxes. The giving is over and the boxes will be delivered on Monday. i'll post about it on Tuesday.

Diana said...

Caroline -- Thanks! I have a volunteer Duranta if you're interested!

Gail -- Things are changing fast these days, though! Fall and winter are just around the corner.

Lisa -- thanks! Heading up your way next week. I hear there's a chance of snow!

Conscious Gardener - I will be stewing tomatoes today. And more to pick. Gotta get them in because we will get a freeze soon enough.

Flowergardengirl - So glad to hear of the success - thanks for following up with me. Great idea you had. And I'm loving doing the 29-day challenge. Posted the best giving story yet today on my blog.

noel said...

aloha diana,

wow your garden blooms are spectacular today, what a treat and so much color going on, its gorgeous, thanks for sharing your blooms today