We did it...now we wait...

Yesterday, Linda Lehmusvirta, the producer for PBS' Central Texas Gardener, and her crew came to film the garden and to interview me.

It was a dark and stormy night, no, wait, it was a gray, humid and blustery day. It made for good lighting to shoot the garden, but I ended up eating my hair more than once during the interview!

Linda and her crew did a great job of putting me at ease, and I really felt like I was just chatting about my garden with a fellow gardener. If we're lucky, that's what I sounded like.

Four hours later, we were done. The program will air in the Spring, most likely in February, and the video will be available on their website as the Featured Garden, so anyone can watch it on the web.

Since they are such a part of my gardening (the challenges part!), Tanner and Dakota may even be in the footage. They came out to check it all out after we were done with the interview.

Thanks to Linda and the crew for a great morning, indulging me in my passion for gardening.