Friday, October 9, 2009

Plant junkie....

So, the day after the CTG tv taping, when I was totally happy with my garden for a brief moment in time, I'm at it again.

I would not have gone plant shopping, except that today was the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center's Annual Fall Plant sale. It's become a tradition for me.

And it was the members-only sale, so we were guaranteed some great stuff by getting first crack at it. It opens to the public this weekend.

I was there @ 1:00 when it opened, wagon and gardening friend in tow.

(And wearing a jacket, too -- at 55 and wet and windy, it really finally felt like Fall here today.)

The weather and the crowd helped encourage us to be quick about our decisions, too.

Doesn't this look like a great collection of goodies?

Let's see, there's:

  • Silver Ponyfoot
  • Bushy Purple Skullcap
  • Missouri Violet
  • Manfreda sileri
  • Bue Pitcher Sage
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Gulf Coast Muhly Grass
  • Portulaca
  • Liatris - Blazing Star
  • Nolina texana

There are several reasons I love to go to their sales, mostly because I can find unusual plants, and because I can buy them as starters in little 4-inch pots that the nurseries don't always carry in these varieties. I don't spend as much, and the plants have all winter to get established. AND, it's so much easier to dig little-bitty holes, isn't it?

Then I came home and had hot chocolate and homemade cookies with my girl.

It was a good day.


Lancashire rose said...

Lucky you and great choices. I didn't get to go to the sale because I was playing bridge! This is the second one I had missed and I really did want to get some Chocolate Daisy. I like to buy 4" pots too. they establish much faster than the bigger pots.
Horrible weather. I suddenly realize that I would rather have the heat than the cold. I just wish the heat would come with a little rain now and again. We had 2.7" I put all my plants out so they should be happy. However I am having a negative day with my garden- it looks messy and dreary! Come back sun.

Gail said...

Diana, I could have gone...I actually joined the center after using their website over and over to get info on plants! You are going to love Pitcher sage...that's the other name for Salvia azurea! It's a beauty and the bees love it. The shopping was good, but the afternoon with your darling girl sounds like heaven. gail

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Ah, silver ponyfoot...I knew there was something I've been wanting to buy. I wasn't very well-prepared for this sale. I bought everything impulsively. I'll have to figure out what to do with it later.

Meredith said...

Doh -- how did I miss you? I was there at 1:00 pm, too. In fact, today's post for me will be about the sale, too! Time to see whether any of my pictures turned out. Maybe you're in them, haha! I think you managed to get completely different plants than I did.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That little pony foot has escaped from a pot into my garden. I wonder if it can withstand our winters?? We will see. All of your plants look good. I can appreciate the small hole theory.

Diana said...

Lancashire Rose -- Ah - you can't be tired of the cool weather yet! The sale was fun. I saw a nice variety of unusual plants, which is what I was primarily looking for. And while it was busy, it wasn't as bad as it sometimes it. The weather might have scared a few people off.

Gail -- You should have hopped on over -- you can always stay here! And it was nice to WANT hot chocolate because of the cool weather.

MSS -- I was all about impulse, but I like to buy that way. I did at least try to think of a place I might put the things I bought before they went into my wagon. We'll see how that works when I try to plant them! Silver ponyfoot is my new favorite. I bought 2 a while back and love them.

Meredith - well, I didn't see you either! I'll go look at your post and see.

Lisa -- I don't know much about them -- I've seen them in gardens here and just planted my first ones a month or so ago, so the winter will be an experiment for me here as well. Good luck.

rambleonrose said...

I also love those types of plant sales. We have a number of native plant groups that have annual sales, and yes I love the small pots and lower prices too!

EAL said...

Hi Diana,

I love your new template! Very pretty and lively. The new plants look great too.

Diana said...

RambleonRose - It rained 1.54 inches yesterday, so it's still too wet to plant, but I'm anxiously waiting!

Diana said...

Thanks EAL - I can't wait to get those little guys in the ground. Amazingly, it's too wet around here to do it now. That's a welcome change, though!

Janet said...

What a treat to be able to be a member of the LBJ Wildflower Center. Oh to be in Texas.... :-)

TexasDeb said...

Well I missed the sale too, in a way. We are budget gardening around these parts at the moment - mostly planting seeds and passalongs. I find if I don't have a list of plants meant to go in specific places I kind of lose my head (as in totally go nuts).

I am thinking of starting a PlantersAnon 12 step group for folks who can't seem to buy only what they "need" for their gardens. Me: "Hello, my name is TexasDeb and I buy every plant I like"... Group: "Hello, TexasDeb".

Thanks for giving me a peek in your wagon. Vicarious shopping will have to do this year.

getgrounded said...

Diana, My pitcher sage that I bought at the Wildflower Center sale last year bloomed in late August despite the summer we had. It is still blooming, and those colors are absolutely stunning! I have it against my limestone mailbox, and the combo is fabulous. You will love yours. It gets leggy, so I think I'm going to combine it with Bamboo Muhly...unless you give me a better idea?

Diana said...

Janet -- You just need to come for a visit! So many great garden things to do!

Texas Deb -- I know what you mean about going crazy. I have a few things in the garage that I have no idea WHERE to put! Wish you were closer - we passalong here all the time among blogging friends.

GetGrounded -- I'm still trying to figure out where to put my pitcher sage. Deer may eat it...changes all my plans. Glad to know it gets leggy. That will help me with locating it. Thanks.