Finally Fall...

It's finally Fall here in Central Texas. Don't get me wrong, we still have some hot days, but we are also enjoying some cooler nights, some rain and the sun has lost just a little of its "edge."

How do I know it's Fall? Because the Mexican Mint Marigolds (Tagetes lucida) have graced us with their perky little Fall blooms.
They grow all summer, getting full and bushy and lush with foliage, but display nary a bloom. Until the cool weather kicks in, that is, and then they burst like baby sunflowers.

This weird weather we're having has both the Mexican Mint Marigold and the Cassia blooming at the same time. That's never happened before. The Cassia is very tropical and a hot weather plant. It's ok, I'll take whatever blooms I can get, whenever I can get them!
On a glum note, how about this little guy? You'd never know he was a Green Envy Coneflower that I special ordered for some ridiculously high price, would you? He croaked not long after he arrived, succumbing to the drought and the intense heat. While his ordinary Coneflower neighbors were blooming away, he was wilting. He's technically still alive. Maybe next year he'll feel better. (I hope!)

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