Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blooming beauties on bloom day

Most of my summer bloomers are all still blooming this Bloom Day. Carol, of May Dreams Gardens, encourages us to share our blooms on the 15th of each month, and mine are thrilled to be enjoying a reprieve from the summer's heat and drought.

The rain has revived them all and they are blooming to their hearts' content. Because they are the same plants that were barely blooming in September, I'm just going to highlight a few interesting things in the garden today.

Above is a fabulous bloom from my brand-new Bottle Brush tree. It's a new addition to the bed where I removed an ugly cedar tree earlier this year.
The Turk's Caps are all standing at attention with the rain renewal. And the cooler temps have really helped, too. Even though it was 92 and sticky today, we have had rain and cooler temps with nights into the high 50s. Fall is trying to show itself here.
I know this does't qualify because it's not blooming, but it makes me happy as a bloom would. It is new growth on the 3 new Heucheras I planted this spring. In just a few short months it will have beautiful blooms. So, today, I am celebrating the anticipation of blooms!
And the heady scent of blooms and the sweet rains must have brought romance to our garden toads, because I have hundreds of itty-bitty, teeny-weeny toad babies hopping all over my yard, garden, driveway, pathways ... you name it, there are toads there!
I was trying to give you perspective -- I failed! he's about as big as my index fingernail, if that.
Isn't he cute? Wanna adopt some?


Pam/Digging said...

Cute! My neighbor used to attract tons of these little guys with her waterfall and pond. I wonder if I have any in the new garden? I'll have to go look.

Diana said...

Every time I take a step out there a handful of them hop away from me!

Gail said...

I haven't seen little froggies this size since I was a little girl! They are too cute. Diana, I am so glad your garden is reviving. gail

Caroline said...

Yes, I do indeed want some! Sooo cute!

Janet said...

What a tiny little guy! How fun.

azplantlady said...


I can't believe how tiny the toads are! We have big ones here in Phoenix, but I have never seen a baby one before....

Iris said...

LOVE the bottlebrush! I haven't discovered any cute toads around here lately but maybe I'm not watching closely. I'll pay more attention!

Layanee said...

Diana it has been too long and your blog has a whole new look since I last visited. Sweet. Anyway, nice flowers and nice frogette.

vertie said...

Adorable little frogs! Unfortunately, they'd be a mere appetizer for my dog.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The tiny toads are so cute!! I used to see tiny toads here & used to like to watch them hop across the patio. Now, I see (ok, I'm startled by) big toads.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What cute little garden densiens you have Diana. The bottle brush tree is has such a spectacular bloom.

Rose said...

The bottle bush tree is gorgeous! And the little toads are so cute--I had a whole community here this spring as well. I could complain about how cold and rainy it is here, with snow flurries in the forecast, but I know what a hot and dry summer it has been for you, Diana. It's good to see such lush growth in your garden!

Amy said...

When we lived in Seattle we had lots of frogs and toads. I have never seen little baby toads. They are very cute!

Bonnie said...

The toads are hysterical! I want some! But I don't want to break up the family!

getgrounded said...

Diana, those babies are so cute! And my huechera, purchased after I saw your post, is still green also despite the Summer of Hell II. Hopefully we will see some delightful blooms in the winter?

EAL said...

I don't envy your weather, even with more blooming at this time, but boy do I envy you for those adorable toads!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Diana - happy late blooming day - and you have a colorful one here - the bottle brush is especially nice.

The tiny toads are so cool - we see a few around here but you have a bumper crop.

Perhaps instead of Heuchera you meant Helleborus? Those leaves sure look like Hellebores to me....and if you kept Lenten Roses alive through this summer - you deserve a prize!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Pam - So, did you find any toads? I have even more now, and I'm sure after this rain, they will have new cousins to meet all over my yard!

Gail -- They are so cute. (Don't tell anyone I talk to them!)

Caroline -- Bet you have some after this rain today!

Janet -- I just love anything miniature -- even tiny toads!

AZPlantLady - Thanks for visiting. I don't normally see them, but I think our rain after the drought charged up the Darwin-trigger in the toads!

Iris -- I can't wait for the Bottle Brush to get big and showy. It's going to be the highlight of a new bed area.

Layanee -- And now I've changed my blog back again! I know, I haven't been surfing much lately either. Glad when winter lets me have more blog time!

Vertie - I'm sure my dogs have snacked on a few!

MMD -- I have a HUGE toad (probably the Daddy!) who we call Jabba the Hut. He's gross and scary-big. Can't stop staring at him when I see him tho!

Lisa -- All kinds of wildlife in the garden -- never a dull moment with something to watch.

Rose -- Those toads are a hoot, aren't they? We're getting nice rain on a regular basis now, so some relief. Next -- a colder and wetter than normal winter.

Amy -- And I even usher them off the driveway so I don't drive over them all. Though there are so many, I'm afraid we have lost some.

Bonnie - I am SURE we have hundreds of toads to spare. Especially after today! Come get an aquarium full for the kids to watch!

GetGrounded -- My Hellebores are all happy as well, I hope they don't drown in this rain!

EAL -- I could ship you some toads...or I'll bring some as your hostess gift for spring fling!

Annie -- I so totally meant Hellebores! Thanks for the catch. Can't wait for January blooms on my three new ones.

Lindy said...

Hi Diana. It was nice talking to you yesterday at the Wildflower Center. I love your blog! I look forward to following your gardening adventures and seeing your garden on Central Texas Gardener! Lindy M.