A little devil at work in the garden...

...and it's not even Halloween yet.

See those marginally nice-looking Agapanthus? Well, they were short-lived. As you can see below, they were mutilated, bit by bit.

And then devoured.

Leaving a trail that led staight to...
...her mouth! (And she looks so innocent here, doesn't she?!)

She's NOT!

I don't know what it is, but Dakota loves to munch on the poisonous Lantana in the mornings (and puke) and she loves to dig up my bulbs. There must be something about them that she finds tasty or challenging. (Can't decide if it's better than Tanner. He eats you-know-what--ewww.)

Ah -- as if deer, squirrels, pests and erratic weather weren't enough!

Looking forward to the Austin Garden Bloggers get together tomorrow to swap plants, visit and meet our new local Ag Extension Agent, Daphne Richards.

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