Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My little red friends...

No, not little communists in my garden!

Mr. House Finch, above, has the most interesting mottled feathers. He and his friends love to hang out in the woods outside our breakfast room window and give us a show.

He's frequently joined by Mrs. Cardinal, her husband and their best friends, the Cardinals #2.

I'm always so interested in watching the birds all interact. Last week, there were 5 cardinals flitting about in there, seemingly unconcerned with territorial issues. Maybe they cut each other some slack in this drought -- sharing the food and water in our garden.

We also have White Wing Doves, Scrub Jays, Titmice, Sparrows, Swallows, Grackles, Inca Doves, Purple Martins, Chickadees, Carolina Wrens, Hummingbirds, and a rare Painted Bunting.

Thanks to my DH and his new Nikon D90 camera for these great photos.

Do you have some of these friends in your garden?


Janet said...

Great photos Diana, we have House Finches here-- they like to take my thyme that is planted on the deck and break off pieces to use for their nests!! I sit here and watch them, they must like the fragrance!
So let me know what you think of your camera...my sister has the Nikon D90. She likes it. I am thinking of getting a new camera..though I am looking at the Canon Powershot SX 10IS..who knows.

Diana said...

Janet -- He loves the Nikon -- he had a D70 that died a few weeks ago, and he's really enjoying this one with some upgraded features. I got an Olympus Stylus 9000 -- it's a point and shoot, but it has 10X optical zoom and a super macro focus that works great for plant shots and lets you get up to about a cm within your subject.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes I have some of these birds. No Scrub Jays, just Blue Jays. I would love to have one of those big cameras so I could get some bird photos. Probably won't ever happen. I will just plug along with my little Canon A630.

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Oh, they are so cute! Thank you! I'm not patient enough to chase around our little friends. I'm definitely putting out the food and filling their bird bath every day.

It's so nice to know that our birds have fellow friends.

Will talk to you later about the Olympus & Nikon; want more details.

Lancashire rose said...

Nice photos. I was wondering how you managed such close up shots! We have those birds too, although not the grackle( thank goodness) I think our doves are mourning doves though and we have flocks of the goldfinches feeding on the cosmos. It is making it very hard to cut back all the plants. I can't take their food away.

Diana said...

Lisa -- the Scrub Jays are a little bigger and have no white on them at all. And they are MEAN and Loud! I can't get those photos with my camera, either. (Besides, I don't know if I'd have the patience to stand there that long)

Linda -- I'll bring my camera tomorrow if you want. And I can tell you all about my DH's camera, too.

Lancashire Rose = I misspeled mourning doves - ack! And I forgot to mention the Gold Finches that I posted about just a week or so ago -- we do have several of those and I love watching them.

Annie in Austin said...

Diana, that seems to be happening here, too - birds seem more willing to be together at the birdbaths now.
In addition to house finches, gold finches, cardinals, blue jays, white-wing doves, wrens, sparrows, grackles etc. also have hummingbirds that come to drink.

Glad you got rain!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Meredith said...

We have a few of those red-breasted finches, but more of the yellowy-green ones. (I'm not too up on the nomenclature.)

Plus, titmice, cardinals, chickadees, mourning doves, song sparrows, wrens (I think that is their name), jays, crows, and hummingbirds galore.

I love the birds. They make my day. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos of them :)

Diana said...

Annie - I guess necessity changes everything in nature.

Meredith - I love the Goldfinches and forgot to mention them. We have a few of them, but many more of the House finches here. We rarely see any crows around here. Thanks for the comments on the photos - I told my DH and it made him smile.