Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy HOT Bloom Day!

In spite of the sweltering heat here in Central Texas, and with some irrigation and some hand-watering along the way, many things are still blooming in my Austin garden.

Thank goodness for the macro lens (and my brand new camera - more about that later in the week), which allows me to edit some of the crispy edges and fried leaves out of these shots.

So, here's my contribution to Carol of May Dreams Gardens' Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.
Morning Glory
And because there are so many to name, I will only be listing common names! (I know, I'm being lazy, but heck - I can barely be motivated to water these days!)

Moy Grande Hibiscus
Yellow Bells - Esperanza
Purple Skullcap
One of two sad little snap dragons STILL ALIVE from last winter!
Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia Coccinea
Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush on top blending with the out-of-control lavender Lantana below.
Lantana New Gold
Black and Blue Salvia

Society Garlic
Zinnias in a window box
White Duranta
Indigo Spires Salvia
Blue Daze
Purple Duranta
Coral Trumpet Vine
Little Wave Petunias

Coral Trumpet Vine
Butterfly Weed
Little Katie Ruellia

Indigo Spires Salvia
Crape Myrtle
Morning Glories
Cypress Vine
Sweet Alyssum
Winecup -- yes, STILL blooming - can you believe it? Never experienced this before!
Yellow Skullcap
Maggie Rose
Garlic Chives
Prairie Verbena

Mexican Oregano (and a little friend)
Turk's Cap


Crape Myrtle
Desert Rose
Pink Skullcap

Agastache Acapulco Pink and Salmon
Blackfoot Daisies

Butterfly Bush
Wild Spiderwort in the woodsy area


Gail said...

Diana~~I am so excited to see the beautiful blooming going on in your garden~~with the terrible weather and the horrid bugs I was thinking everything was fried. So many lovely blooms! Happy Bloom Day's Eve! gail

Pam/Digging said...

You have abutilon and winecup still blooming?! Are you in a cool pocket of Austin, or what? ;-) Whatever the case, your garden is looking flower-licious. Enjoy!

Janet said...

Wow Diana, you certainly has lots and lots of blooms for having had such a hot dry summer!! That Winecup is an amazing performer.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My goodness, I didn't expect to see so much in bloom what with the weather you have been having. Marvelous. Happy GBBD.

Outside In said...

You have lots of beautiful blooms, my favorite is the morning glories and the desert rose. Happy GBBD!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It's hard to believe that you are in a drought with all that blooming. Such stunning colors! My favorites are the purple Duranta and the Bouganvillea.

rambleonrose said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I especially like that butterfly weed that has yellow and coral tones; I'm not a huge fan of the usual bright orange.

Rose said...

Wow! You have so many gorgeous blooms, Diana. I love all the flowering vines, and that Desert Rose is simply exquisite. I'll stop complaining now about the heat and humidity here--it's in the high 80's, which is hot enough for me:)

Diana said...

Gail - Yes, in spite of my challenges, I really have a lot of happy plants. I'm so lucky.

Pam - no, but like I said, many plants are crispy around the edges, though still alive and blooming. And with the new restrictions, I'm sure I am going to lose some things.

Janet - That winecup is something, all right! Normally bunnies eat them to the ground in the early Spring and I never have blooms. They are sure making up for it this year.

Lisa -- I am lucky - though I am not spending as much time outside looking at it all -- it's too HOT!

Cathy - Outside In -- Thanks -- The Desert rose is one of my favorites, too, and the Morning Glories are my DH's favorites and I plant them for him.

MMD -- That purple Duranta is about 7 feet tall and bursting with blooms right now. It's so hearty, I wish I could spread it around, but the deer will eat it, so I don't have any more room (now) inside the fence for another one, even though there is a volunteer baby coming up right now. Want one?!!!

RambleOnRose - Those butterfly weeds are a new addition in my back corner bed. I am loving them and hope the dogs don't destroy them before they get big enough to survive!

Rose -- Ah - the 80s sound wonderful to me, but hot is whatever is hot to you where you are. You'd MELT here right now!

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

You have a lot blooming! I can't believe your garlic chives is blooming already. I think of those as a fall bulbs.

Despite your many native plants, your garden always seems so pleasantly tropical and lush with the hibiscus and the agapanthus. (Maybe it's the pool.)

My cypress vine is one of the few plants that hasn't minded the heat but also hasn't flowered yet. My morning glories gave up the ghost months ago.

Diana said...

MSS -- Well, you know, maybe those aren't garlic chives but a white society I can't remember. My Cypress Vine just started blooming about a week or two ago and it's in full sun. I think the pool makes me plant those types of hot things, but in this drought they are kind of sad looking -- it's just too much for most of them. The elephant ears look like they have been deep fried!

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Holy gamoley? Are you sure you're in Austin? This is amazing. Calylophus, agapanthus, snaps, winecups and purple skullcap still going! I need your secret. Congratulations on new camera!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Diana, I grew Cypress Vine for the first time this summer, and it has just started to bloom. I think I'm in love with it. Congrats on the new camera. Want to hear all about it. Beautiful blooms. Love 'Moy Grande'.~~Dee