Monday, August 10, 2009

A fresh start ...

This collection was waiting for me on Saturday morning. Can you hear them? They were saying: "Plant us, plant us!"
So, I put on my garden gloves and grabbed my shovel and my tub trug and dug in.
My DH brought around 8 bags of compost so I could amend the beds. After being bug-infested and fried for 50 days over 100 this summer, I figured that they needed a little a little perking up.
Here's what went in:

  • Tomatoes -- Sunmaster, Viva Italia, Bush Celebrity, Big Beef, Sweet 100 cherry, Purple Cherokee
  • Canteloupe -- from my garden blogging friend, Meredith, at Great Stems
  • Jalapeno peppers and sweet red bell peppers
  • Straight-neck and zucchini squash
  • And some marigolds around the tomatoes (in the hopes of keeping away BUGS! Ha!)

And then I crafted this fancy-schmancy shade cover for the tomatoes because it is just so darn hot that new transplants will get too stressed without it. I covered a trellis with shade cloth and then tied strings around it all, and voila!

Today we hit 51 days over 100 degrees, surpassing last year's shocking record. With 6 weeks of Austin summer left to go, we are likely to have the hottest summer ever ... ever. Sigh. But I am going to try for that Fall garden in spite of it.

(I am having visions of cool season crops...but I can't even think about them yet.)

Are you thinking about a Fall garden? Or are you eating yummy summer tomatoes? Think you can fed ex me some to replace all the ones I had to rip out?!

Okay, guess I will have to go to the farmer's market next Saturday.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I can't imagine that kind of heat! We were in the low 90's today and it drained me and gave me a headache. I guess after being away from Alabama for so long I've become a sissy.

I hope your new plants yield you lots of goodies!

Diana said...

Robin -- I know you're hot, too. My father-in-law told me yesterday that your heat index was over 100 -- that's pretty darn hot for Indiana!

rambleonrose said...

Good for you for starting again after the bugs devastated the place! I hope you get the bounty you deserve!

Janet said...

Good for you to start again... that is one of the benefits of being in Texas...on the downside, 51 days over 100!! That I do not miss!!!

Gail said...

The weather sounds dreadful, but I still love Austin! The garden beds look wonderful with healthy dark brown soil and the tomatoes will certainly be happy and grow! I am crossing my fingers for your best ever fall garden! gail

Diana said...

RambleOnrose -- Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm gonna need 'em!

Janet -- Yeah - I am kind of obsessed about that downside right now! I've got to shift my focus to when Fall arrives some day in a few months.

Thanks, Gail. It does all look healthy, doesn't it? Thank goodness for irrigation in the garden that will help keep it alive. I did a bug check today, too, just out of an abundance of caution! No sightings :-)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds familiar, tomatoes are gone, but beans, okra and peppers are going strong. I have squash, cucumbers and tomatoes ready to go in after Labor Day. Wish me luck as I do you:)

Amy said...

What a great garden! Maybe one day I will attempt one in our backyard. I like the flagstone around your beds.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope your valiant efforts pay off with a nice fall harvest. Those temperatures are intimidating. I admire how you can just ignore them and keep on planting. That is the personafication of hope.

Layanee said...

Amazing that you are planting while I am harvesting and looking at very cool days to come. Funny you should mention the end of summer. I have been thinking of fall as there is an aura of decline here in spite of the summer heat (finally). While you have had hot temps, we have had the rainiest July on record and a fairly dismal June. August has brought humidity and some sun. I still have enjoyed this season although not too much gardening was done.

cat said...

oy! this heat is frying us all. i'm dying to get my fall garden planted and have 2 raised beds almost ready (have to get some good natural gardener dirt and compost to go with our own), and are planning to build at least 2 more by october. i too ripped just about everything out this year. too much to water and what fruit was setting was too bitter to eat...*sigh*

you've inspired me to get a move on it with the fall planting! thank you!

Lancashire rose said...

I bet you're feeling really perky again. Can we all come over when the crop comes in?

Diana said...

Debbie -- I do wish you luck...seems like this year is more of a crap shoot than normal, but I'll keep on trying. Maybe between the two of us we could make a meal!

Amy -- Thanks -- I like the rock, too. It makes it a little prettier since I don't have room to plant ornamentals around it. But I do stub my toe from time to time because they are so irregular!

Lisa -- well, you could call it hope or you could call it stupidity! But now I am excited about these new plants, so that's better than crying about the bugs.

Layanee -- isn't it interesting that we both have the same 'can't be in the garden' problem, but for such different reasons? Our climate change is getting old...I'm ready for "normal" weather, which I fear we will never see again.

cat -- wow, my pathetic story inspired you - Ha! I'm glad, I can't wait for fall and cooler weather when it is pleasant to be in the garden instead of such a chore. Sounds like you are just about ready to get some tomatoes in there. I may put in some seeds this week because I know they need to get started.

Lancashire Rose - You sure can come over - though it might be meager pickings for food! Are you back in your garden? How does it look?