Dry and drier...

I wish this were the sight outside my window.

But it's not.

And it hasn't been for quite a while.

Tomorrow we start severe water restrictions -- we will only be allowed to water with irrigation/sprinklers, etc. ONCE a week, from midnight to 10 am. Even numbered houses on Sunday night -- that's us.

You can water by hand any time, so I could, theoretically, stand outside in the cooler hours of the morning and evening (relatively cooler - 76 this morning the coolest temp of the day) and do nothing but water for hours on end by hand.

I can't do that, and I can't let everything die. And I can't break the restrictions because our lakes are literally going dry.

We are predicted to feel the effects of El Nino this fall and winter, with higher than average rainfall forecast for us. Starting in November. November.

So, for now, I will spot hand water things that look like they are losing that battle - trees and large shrubs get first priority. I noticed a beautiful 9 year-old oak tree in severe stress today with yellowing leaves falling to the ground.

I will also keep collecting extra water in buckets in the shower. Did you know, 1 shower's worth of water - 2 large buckets -- can water most of the pots in the back patio area? I know it sounds crazy, but imagine how much water is wasted while you wait for it to warm up so you can get in.

And, I will keep watering the birds and the squirrels and insects and deer who are all starving and dying of thirst.

And my daughter and I will keep doing silly little rain dances in the yard when we see scattered clouds in the sky.

It can't hurt, right?!

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