Friday, July 24, 2009

The Tomato Jungle

One week away from my garden and I just could not stand it any more.

So, yesterday I borrowed some garden gloves and some pruners and went after my brother in law's garden.

Because he farms about 700 acres, there just isn't much time for piddling in the home garden.

The friend who took me on the nursery tour this March gave him 20+ tomato plants -- most of them wonderful heirlooms.

But the weeds took over after a wet spring - some of them were 3-1/2 feet tall. In search of some more delicious tomatoes, I decided to get my hands dirty.

This is the pile I'd accumulated after several hours of pulling and whacking.

And this is the improvement on at least two sides of the giant plot.
I uncovered the row of cabbages and several rows of 45 vidalia onions. See the weeds in the back where I didn't finish?

But here are some of the beautiful tomatoes that I uncovered. I know that the list includes Zebras, Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Purple Cherokee, Germans and more.

We ate this one last night -- it was ripe and ready and very tasty. I'm guessing it was a Brandywine. And there are probably thousands more to come out there in the giant tomato patch!

I'm just a little stiff this morning, though -- achey legs and back and arms from all that squatting. But I might just have to get back out there today for a little more work -- there are thistles at the end of the end of the garden that I hear calling me!

Can you hear them?

What's calling you in your garden today?


Janet said...

It is hard to be in someone else's garden and see weeds and not pull them! Those tomatoes look great! We brought inour first one...finally!! I have a lot of weeds calling me!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Gosh girl when you finish there come over here. I am sure I hear a stand of crab grass calling your name. tee hee... I bet you will be invited back next year about this time.

Diana said...

Janet - They all work so hard around here that I wanted to do something, too. And I get antsy after a while away from home and work! Glad you got a tomato -- hope there are many more to come.

Lisa -- Ha ha ha! Well, I intended to go back and work at it some more today, but I'm kinda sore today and getting all sweaty just didn't appeal to me. Besides, I'm not sure I can squat today!

Layanee said...

Glad you got in some hort therapy while you were away. Fresh tomatoes are great incentive, or, should I say bonus, for all of your hard work. It doesn't take long to get soft does it.

Gail said...

Only another gardener understands the pleasure you got from weeding someone else's garden! We had delicious heirloom tomatoes last night for dinner... wonderful. gail

getgrounded said...

Yum! That picture of the Brandywine tomato was enough to make me want to come help you! Hope the weather is cool enough where you are to be able to enjoy that gardening.

Lancashire rose said...

What a crop and how pleased they must have been that you uncovered that bounty. Afraid my garden is calling from afar for me to get home and take care of it- but not just yet I'm afraid.