bloom day a day late...

I've failed for Bloom Day -- I missed it by a day and I didn't get everything that was blooming. But it's a long list and much of it has been posted lately, so I'm giving you the short and sweet edition.

The Butterflies are out in full force these days, so I try to keep lots of water (shallow) available for them. Like the birds and the deer, they get thirsty in these 100+ degree days, too.
Grandpa Ott Morning Glory.
My transplanted ditch lily, brought back to me in a bucket from Wisconsin from my good garden-blogging friend, Lori, at the Gardener of Good and Evil.
My Tropical Punch Canna.
Another Morning Glory.
This isn't technically a bloom yet, it's going to be beautiful when this Little Gem Magnolia blooms while we are gone next week.

Thanks, Carol, at May Dreams Gardens for inviting us to share our garden beauties with on Bloom Day.

We're headed to Indiana and Kentucky tomorrow, so look for some cooler posts from the Midwest if my new computer is set up.

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