Adventures in Kentucky

We took a road trip on Monday, headed to Kentucky to visit my family and my Dad's family home.

Kallie got to go on her first visit to Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, checking out the log cabin.

(Really, 4 people lived and did everything in that one little room? Really?)

We checked out the natural spring and got to play with Lincoln Logs in the museum building where we watched a short film about his life.

These are some pictures of my aunt's garden, which was very happy since they've had nice cool temperatures and plenty of rain. NOT like us in Texas.
I love her little Japanese Maple and Japanese grass and the fountain. The netting is not for the birds, but rather her cute little Schnauzer pup who likes to chase lizards around the fountain.
Her knockout roses are just stunning -- I'm so jealous! I may still buy one yet and see if they REALLY are deer-resistant.
Isn't she adorable? Kallie wanted to bring her home with us! (Not sure what Tanner and Dakota would think if we arrived back home with her in tow!)

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