Things that haven't fried yet

With the 100+ degrees we've had for the last week and 100+ days forecast for the next week, things are going to start frying here, even though I have an outrageous water bill. Lots of the tomatoes are ripening right now, along with a few other things.

I picked:

The basil is in two vases in the kitchen and permeates the whole house -- hey -- free air freshener! Since there isn't enough okra for a side dish, I'm going to try to pickle them -- refrigerator-pickle style so I don't have to mess with canning. Cross your fingers!
I'm thinking of making tomato jam or marmelade -- any suggestions? And I am not sure these green beans are worth cooking. They seem very faded and not very green again. The last ones I made were tough and chewy. It may just be too darn hot for them to grow tasty any more.
And the leeks are going to be in a potato leek soup. I'll eat it all by myself if I have to! You've gotta cook fresh stuff when it's fresh. I'll try to stretch it -- cooking them Wednesday to eat with my DH for dinner on Friday. Yumm-o!