They're as big as her head!

We have this saying in our house ... we describe things, like large pieces of food, by saying:

"It's as big as your head!"

Like, that eggplant is as big as your head!

But today, it was true.

The amazing Hibiscus I've been posting about proudly displayed 7 blooms. 7 Gigantic blooms. (We think it is a Moy Grande, named after the San Antonio man named Moy who found it.)

I know it's hard to get a frame of reference, so I dragged my 6-year old out there this morning, in her night gown, and made her pose for me.

(Can you tell how excited she is to be out there performing this favor for me early in the morning!)

And, as you can clearly see, the blooms are, in fact, as big as her head!
Stunning, they are. And happy in the hot sun.
Good thing, because we are going to get more of it next week...sigh. I'm tired of summer already and it isn't even summer yet!!! (Just kidding -- that was only a little smidge of pseudo-whining. The reall whining will come later!)

Wishing you blooms as big as your head!