Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"It's raining, it's pouring..."

Well, let's not get carried away, shall we?

But it IS raining. A slow, steady, very light rain. And has been for a few hours. .05 I think. That may not seem like much, but it's manna from heaven for us here.

And while there was no old man snoring here, I did close my eyes for a few minutes after taking Kallie to art camp and the sound of the rain on the roof lulled me into a quickie nap!

Just had to show you my beautiful Anniversary bouquet from my sweetie. Isn't it awesome? AND he came home from the grocery store with several bunches of flowers, too. Wow.
And these are the formerly-beautiful Sedums -- Autumn Joy -- that WERE going in the back bed. That is until I left them outside the garage in my "holding area" where my precious little deer decided they were another treat I'd put out for her along with the birdseed! Ooops! I think they will survive and I'll plant them anyway -- but INSIDE the fence!


Janet said...

Hooray for rain!! What a gorgeous bouquet for your anniversary! Love it!
Your sedum will be fine, they are almost indestructible.

cat said...

we were dancing in the rain earlier...now it's stopped and i'm really hoping for more but not expecting it. we got 1/4 inch and as we all know here, every little drop counts!

i love that bouquet!! what a good hubby..:)

the deer got in last night here too. ate rose leaves, half a habanero plant, my daylily blooms, and all my sunflowers in the front...*sigh* i guess the deer gotta eat too, but tonight we will close the front gate and make sure it's secure.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't a rain softened nap just the best. Good luck with your sedum. It looks pretty sad. As Janet said though they are tough.

Carol said...

Good for you getting some rain, and I hope your 'Autumn Joy' sedum recover. That's quite a bite the deer took out of them!

Pam/Digging said...

Happy anniversary, Diana. And yea for the rain. Only 1/4 inch here, but I'll take it!

Diana said...

Janet -- Thanks! I think the Sedum is surviving, but it sure got a haircut!

cat -- I'll bet you were dancing! We got less than a 1/4 inch, but I am still happy. And the plants will all be happy because rainwater is just so much better than sprinklers. Sorry the deer got to you - interesting that they ate the habanero!

Lisa -- yep -- and I'll put that sad Sedum in the ground for some more 100+ degree days! No stress there! I think it'll make it, though.

Carol -- You'd think I would learn to quit leaving unplanted things out there RIGHT where the deer come all the time! I'm sure they are thinking that I put it out there especially for them, right?!

Pam -- You test plants all look like they are doing well in spite of the heat. And I can't believe you only hand water once a week beyond the sprinklers -- surely it's more than that?

Pam/Digging said...

Not lately, Diana. I did water every day, of course, when everything was brand-new, but I've been steadily cutting back since late spring. Remember, though, that most of my garden is at least partly shady, and the full-sun plants tend toward agaves, yuccas, grasses, and salvias. I don't put anything in a container unless it can go several days in summer between waterings.

Some of the plants I inherited are suffering, either because I water less than the former owners or because of the extreme heat and drought. I have already lost a few plants, including some I brought with me from the old garden, and I may lose more. But I plan to replace them with more drought-tolerant species.

Gail said...

Wonderful news about the rain Diana! I know that you are still way behind, but this has to help...especially psychologically.

If sedum can grow from a leaf...these guys will survive a deer snack attack!


Diana said...

Gail -- yesterday was just a smidge, but today we got almost 1/2 an inch. This is soooo exciting for us here. And I know the plants and animals will love getting real rain water for a change. The Sedum still looks the same, so at least it hasn't died yet!