Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot Blooms

This is my happiest bloom today, on GBBD, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

This is the first bloom on the enormous saucer hibiscus in the front walk way garden.

The deer will probably find it soon enough, but for now, I get to enjoy it.

And I'm sharing it with you!

You can't really tell from this photo, but the bloom is about 10-11 inches wide.

And it is very happy on this hot, soon to be 100 degree day.

There are many more blooms in the garden that I didn't photograph today, you can find them all in my April post.

Today's posted blooms are either new or special or unique.

New Cosmos grown from seed in the cutting bed.
MSS of Zanthan's Larkspur passalong seeds with a variegated Agave.
Carefree Beauty Roses

Crape Myrtle
Volunteer Lobelia
Sago bloom
One of many varieties of Lantana in bloom today.
Maggie Rose
Plumeria bloom
Mexican Hat
Blackfoot Daisy
I've forgotten the name of this one.


Janet said...

Gorgeous blooms! Don't you just love the looks on faces when they see the foliage on the Texas Star? (Hibiscus coccinea) Mine are about 5- 6 feet tall now (some of them--others are still about 2- 3 ft. )

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow I have never seen a sago bloom before. It is amazing. I can't imagine a hibiscus with a bloom as large as you describe. I am sure it is a stunner. Happy GBBD.

cat said...

i love them! i wish my esperanzas were blooming...they were new last year and are taking their sweet time with the blooms this year...plant itself is thriving however..;)

thanks for sharing!

getgrounded said...

Good grief, Diana, those are just your new blooms. Your garden must be alive with color everywhere! My favorite has to be the combo of larkspur with the variegated agave. Great photo. How's that weeding coming along???

Pam/Digging said...

I love the airy larkspur paired with the stolid variegated agave. Good idea. It all looks very flowery for such a hot and dry June as we're having!

Diana said...

Janet - thanks for IDing the Texas Star - I was in a hurry today and couldn't come up with it! Yours sound amazing - I can't imagine one 5-6 feet tall. Mine is about 4 ft. You'll have to post a picture standing next to it!

Lisa -- The Sago is amazing. I have all males, but I have a neighbor with females. I grew 3 from her seeds last year and hope to get some more from her again sometime. That was really fun.

Cat - Ah, the young Esperanzas will come, they are just a little slower getting started. I'm glad they are good and green though.

Diana said...

GetGrounded -- I really like that corner with the agave, too. I just wish the rest of the bed would come along...oh well, there's always next year. The weeding is good. 4 hours Sunday 1.5 hours today and I've made a good dent. The veggies are pretty much done and the rock path is 1/3 done. That's the one I really hate to do because it's such tiny stuff to pull out among rocks and plants.

Pam - Thanks -- i'm so pleased the Larkspur came up, as late as I planted it. But it seems very happy in spite of the heat. I just wish all the other seeds had come up. I only see about 1/6th of them, but some are still growing and trying, so that's good. Everyone seems stunted though. Short garden for a short girl, I guess!

Carol said...

Hot? Your garden looks like it is full of bloom. You can hardly tell it is that hot outside. It's a great variety of blooms!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Gail said...

I am so glad you were able to share the hibiscus before it was eaten for would have to be dessert, Diana it's too pretty to be other wise. Love the mexican is a perky wildflower! gail

Diana said...

Carol -- Well, I do water to keep it alive, which is why I had to have a babysitter for the plants for the Disney trip! (And because I have a pot-obsession -- ceramic, not leaves!)

Gail -- I love the Mexican hats, too -- they make me want to have a Fiesta! Happy bloom day!

rambleonrose said...

Everything looks lovely! I particularly like that variegated agave and the agastache. (This comment was sponsored by the letter "A.")

donna said...

Please thank the deer for leaving the gorgeous hibiscus bloom alone until after GBBD. Enjoyed seeing all your flowers.

Diana said...

Rose - I love the Agastache, too, but I just wish it would GROW! This is year 1 and they only went in the ground in March, so I am just being impatient.

Donna - I will thank the deer when I see them, and I am sure I will see them, with the heat coming on so early, they are sure to be around a lot. Last week they ate my Bulbine and some lilies I planted in an unsafe place with my fingers crossed. Guess that'll teach me!

Janet said...

Diana, I came back and looked at your Hibiscus more closely. I just jumped at the thought it was a Texas Star...but after looking again, maybe it is Lord Baltimore but TX Star has cut palmated leaves that look like an illegal plant (!) that is why my comment was as it was. Another common name is Swamp Hibiscus. I will see if I can find a good photo of one of mine. Since you are in TX you need to have one.

Diana said...

Janet -- ok, now you have me curious! I will take some more pictures today and post them so we (you!) can figure this out! Look for it later this morning and let me know what you think.

Layanee said...

Love the Buddha garden! I can see that hibiscus flower in your hair! Go exotic.

Diana said...

HA - Layanee! That Hibiscus would cover my whole head -- I would wear it as a hat!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Diana, it is beautiful in your garden. I'm always amazed we grow so many similar plants. My perennial hibiscus aren't blooming yet, but will be by the end of the month. Love yours. I hope the deer don't find it.~~Dee

Diana said...

Dee - thanks -- we do have a lot of the same plants, just at slightly different times. We're already feeling the heat here with several days at 100 already. I am NOT ready for that yet. Oh well: I am not in charge, am I?!

Linda/Patchwork said...

Great blooms. I love the plumeria. I don't think one would work here, with all the deer.
Thanks for sharing yours.

garden girl said...

Ah, all beautiful Diana (except for the hornworm in your earlier post!)

The larkspur/variegated Agave combination is especially gorgeous!

I can relate to trying to catch up, (I'll never be,) but your heat adds a completely different dimension to the equation. We've been blessed with cool, rainy weather, and I'm taking advantage of it to get as much done as possible before it gets hot and humid here.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It may be hot, but your blooms are hotter. The Larkspur look so cute with the statue and the Agave. Your Roses look wonderful. My Carefree Beauty is also in bloom. (Yes, it's the one plant we both have blooming at the same time.) Mexican Hat is such a fun flower, and so well named.

Diana said...

Linda -- I definitely have to keep the Plumeria inside the backyard fence. The deer have eaten on it when I tried it out in the open -- no more!

Garden Girl --Well, it's not hard to garden here now if you can stand 100 degree heat and don't mind taking two showers a day! Today was day 4 at 100 or above with a heat index of 105. Nice, huh?!

MMD - I love the smell of the Carefree Beauty, don't you? I only have a few roses because I have limited safe-from-deer space, and I've bought them all for their scent. That's part of the reason I loved the senses garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

All of it is lovely, including the ones that bloomed the day after! I, too, am now interested in agastache.

Diana said...

Linda/CTG -- Thanks. I have my Agastache -- 'Acapulco Salmon & Pink' in three different places. High Country Gardens said it would take full sun, but I always say, "your full sun or MY full sun?" So I put them in a little less than full sun. it's their first year -- they went in Feb 28, soo they are still kind of "sleeping!"