Hot Blooms

This is my happiest bloom today, on GBBD, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

This is the first bloom on the enormous saucer hibiscus in the front walk way garden.

The deer will probably find it soon enough, but for now, I get to enjoy it.

And I'm sharing it with you!

You can't really tell from this photo, but the bloom is about 10-11 inches wide.

And it is very happy on this hot, soon to be 100 degree day.

There are many more blooms in the garden that I didn't photograph today, you can find them all in my April post.

Today's posted blooms are either new or special or unique.

New Cosmos grown from seed in the cutting bed.
MSS of Zanthan's Larkspur passalong seeds with a variegated Agave.
Carefree Beauty Roses

Crape Myrtle
Volunteer Lobelia
Sago bloom
One of many varieties of Lantana in bloom today.
Maggie Rose
Plumeria bloom
Mexican Hat
Blackfoot Daisy
I've forgotten the name of this one.