Ho - Ho - Hornworm Alert!

So here I was, into hour 3 of weeding the nasty mess of a vegetable garden awaiting me when I returned home from Disney World. I was pulling grass out of the paths and tying up tomatoes and cleaning off dead leaves and then...

I saw what looked like a weird, spotted tiny green tomato.

But it wasn't a tomato -- it was the HEAD of a tomato hornworm.


Nasty little fellow, isn't he?

See the beautiful tomato plant he came from? It's the one back against the wall -- my first tomato grown from seed in the greenhouse, so I am quite fond of him.

And, since it was 100 degrees (no, that wasn't a typo), and I didn't see any more of them, I finished my weeding and waited until 8 p.m. to go out with a fresh batch of BT to try to save my beautiful crop of tomatoes.

After I found the hornworm, I found a little treasure while I was ripping out the bolted lettuce -- a beet! A big 'ol honkin' beet. With beautiful leaves and perfectly shaped - it was so pretty - I wish I'd taken a picture of it when I picked it.

Instead you get a picture of it roasted and dusted with Kosher salt in the bowl! It was very yummy. I don't remember planting beets ... I did think I pulled one up several weeks ago, thinking it was lettuce ... who knows! But it was so good, that when the weather cools down, I may actually plant some and try to remember they are there!

So, I think there is about another hour or work to be done in the veggie garden and then tomorrow I'll move on to weeding the rock path tomorrow. It's garden clean-up week next week. Kallie is in VBS for 1/2 day all week and I am committed to gardening for that time to get all caught up. (Ha!)

But then again, are we ever really "caught up" in the garden? Have YOU ever been caught up in your garden?

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