Feeling left out ...

A few of my garden friends were feeling left out because my photo skills were lacking and I didn't post them yesterday.

They gave me what-for today, so I decided I would show them off! Above we have one of my new day lilies - Grand Wazir.
And my Abutilon is still a steady bloomer -- what a prolific plant she is.
The tropical hibiscus in the pots by the pool are blooming. Sadly, they are leftover from last year and really big. That's sad because now I have hot pink Maggie Roses peeking up over the back of the pool wall and it literally hurts my eyes to look at them both in the same view. What to do, what to do...I hate to pull out those big hibiscus and have no where else to put them...

This pretty little vine (I think it's a Clematis, but I can't be sure and for some reason I didn't write it down), is much more magenta, but my camera didn't produce it true to color. I also have that problem with purples -- they come out blue. Do you have the same problem with some of your colors? I'm going to have to go down to the camera shop and figure this out.
These coneflowers came back up again this year, pretty as you please. Their friend, the very expensive "Green Envy" that I ordered is still a tiny little patch of green. It should take note of the impressive growth of it's neighbor!
And here we are back to the Hibiscus. Janet, the Queen of Seaford, is trying to help me figure out if it's a Texas Star or a Lord Baltimore or something else. So, here are some more shots of the whole plant and the foliage and today's amazing bloom. (I count my lucky stars for every one that the deer don't eat!)

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