Monday, June 29, 2009

Crispy, tender and slinky...

Well, the Death Star continues its relentless torture of people, pets and plants in Austin, Texas.

It hit 106 today and that's 16 days out of the last 17 that we registered more than 100 degrees. Sheesh! And it's still June. I guess we are in for a repeat of last year, so I'm gonna hang onto my hat and my sunscreen and put on my big-girl panties and deal with it. (don't hold me to that!)
See my poor Toad Lilies -- I was amazed that they even came up, but I think it's just too much to hope that they will actually grow, or, heaven forbid, bloom. Many things in the garden are getting crispy. And I pulled out all of the snap dragons from the fall -- they were all dead and gone.
This is sad, though -- this is my first Heuchera, and I was hoping it got enough shade to protect it. I sure hope it wasn't my fault, watering when it was too warm out and burning the leaves....
This Kangaroo Paw hails from Australia and was supposed to love drought conditions. Apparently not!
Patches of grass come an go in between watering. I'm trying to keep it to the bare minimum, but it's not easy. We have irrigation, but I've taken to spot sprinkling a few bad places where there must be some huge slab of rock underneath.

Here is my sweet little friend of the season. Emmy and Lulu have moved on and this little girl has come calling almost daily. I have lots of fresh water out every day - 5 birdbaths and one giant deer water bowl -- and I know she's hungry. When I was worrying about her last week, my dear husband went and bought a protein block for deer at the local feed store. In this 3-year drought, I hate to see them starve to death.

Sunday morning my DH took this picture of one of our smaller garden friends who thought he might like to read the papers in the driveway! My sweetie said, I'm going to take his picture for you to post on your blog!

What a great husband, huh? And today is our wedding anniversary. I'm such a lucky gal, he loves me and he loves my garden and my garden friends. What more could you ask for?


Janet said...

Don't miss the heat of Texas summers. Sorry so much of your garden is crispy. You have a big heart to feed and water the deer. Nice family, all of you. Mr. Snickey Snake is pretty cool looking. I have hanging around my front garden....makes weeding a little crazy.

Caroline said...

It looks like Slinky Snake is trying to contort himself into a heart shape in honor of your anniversary! Hope it was a happy one!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary.

It pains me to see all those plants drying up.

Diana said...

Janet -- I'll bet you don't! I've had a little harmless rat snake in the veggie garden, too, and it scared the beejeezus out of me!

Caroline -- I hadn't noticed the heart -- how perceptive of you and how unromantic of me! It was great.

Carol -- it's ugly, that's for sure. But only a small fraction of my plants are suffering because I am watering by hand every day. (It's getting old!)

Pam/Digging said...

The snake is cool, and you already know that I think your husband is a find. Happy anniversary to you both!

As for the weather, blech.

Diana said...

Pam -- Blech -- I like that. Pretty much sums it up, huh? Blech. Now THAT should be a post!

Bob said...

Just in case you want to know what kind of snake you have, it's a Smooth Green Snake. It's a good snake so thanks for not whacking it.

The river behind the house is about dried up so we have been putting water out for our deer as well.Is this heat ever going to let up?

Gail said...

My dear, I don't know how you can stand it! The weather has been too brutal.

But Diana, you have the kindest heart and I appreciate you caring for the deer....It is hard to see creatures suffering.

Happy anniversary...I hope you had a lovely celebration.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are blessed despite the high temps and no water. Happy Anniversary.

Diana said...

Bob -- Thanks for IDing my little snake -- that's sure an appropriate name! I always leave the harmless ones alone -- we mostly have rat snakes around here and I'm quite used to them. This weather sure doesn't bode well for the rest of the summer. Did you get any rain last night? We had thunder and some sprinkles, but nothing measurable. Maybe today!

Gail -- Thanks. Well, when the deer come right up by the garage in the middle of the day and stand there and look at me, I know they are desperate. I walk out there on her all the time any more, as she's grazing the septic field or eating bird seed or drinking from her bowl or the bird bath.

Lisa -- Thanks, and you're right, I am blessed. And even though it's hot and dry, I have sprinklers and air conditioning!

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

Diana, here's to many more such happy anniversaries for you and your sweetie! Hopefully in years to come they won't be record-breaking heat days!

I love toad lilies but I'm learning that they are moisture lovers. When your toad lilies get bigger, I'd suggest cutting them back and letting them regrow. I did that last year and they came back stronger than ever, both foliage and bloom wise.

Lori said...

Out of curiosity, how's your new daylily bed doing in this heat? I planted one of my ditch lilies in full sun and once it got above 100, it kicked the bucket (I still have 2 more in pots in the shade that look decent, so there's still room for experimentation.).

Diana said...

Lori - my ditch lily is just about to bloom! Go figure--I am so excited about it. In fact, I'd better run out and look at it today - it might be blooming now, or at least in a day or two. I can't wait! The rest of them are ok but getting a lot of water.

Anonymous said...

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