Monday, May 18, 2009

We're back!

I'm back to blogging after a few weeks of taking care of family, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

No, not eight tiny reindeer!

But a slew of new plants and blooms popping out in the garden -- back after the winter's hiatus to show off for me.

Above, a full 3 months ahead of schedule, I have a beautiful blooming Pride of Barbados. Our incredibly mild winter kept it from dying all the way back and so it got a big jump on growth. Which is great with me, because I just love those wispy, exotic blooms.
Caladiums are popping up in the shady beds in between other things.

This tiny Lobelia is a volunteer that decided to grow in the crack on the edge of the steps to the rock bed.
This is a salmon/pink Gladiola that is growing with a cluster of others behind the greenhouse and in the cutting flower bed. It's the first one to open and I can wait to CUT it!
Here we have a cluster of Larkspur, given to me by MSS of Zanthan Gardens. In spite of my late planting of the seeds, they have proven to be winners and are so pretty -- the first seeds to bloom in the cutting garden.
Here is a new bloom on my Carefree Beauty rose, also known as a Katy Road Rose.
Another shot of the amazing and HUGE display of Winecups in the rock path. They are growing so much that they have obliterated the entire pathway! I am happy to step out of their way and into the grass, though my DH thinks it's quite foolish.
This Sago palm is very excited that it's spring and that summer is on its way. This male is producing its cones, which are torpedo shaped and produce pollen. In the wild, the male pollen is spread by wind or insects to the female cycads, which produce a cabbage shaped reproductive organ with seeds that receive the pollen. Cool, huh?!

The Mexican Oregano is blooming profusely. It loves our sunny climate.
The black Elephant Ears are happy right now, but they may have to be babied some in the heat of the summer.
I love the orange bloom on this purple canna that showed up this week.
And these daylilies are lining one side of the pool bed with their deep, burgundy, velvety blooms.
Some Esperanza or Yellow Bells, have already been blooming around town, and mine have caught up. But it's still pretty early for them.
My Rock Rose is showing her pretty flowers, too -- next to the Indigo Spires Salvia.
These little Veronicas are growing nicely in their second year.

So, these are all my new friends that are back in the garden this year. So nice to be able to see them while walking around.

And my Mom is home and healing nicely ~~ thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.


getgrounded said...

Diana, welcome back. Your garden, as always, is showing its warm, sunny microclimate filled with blooms. I with you about that Pride of Barbados, the blooms are outstanding. And always, a little plant porn with the cycads is better than a Harlequin book.

Diana said...

getgrounded -- It's getting pretty hot here in my little micro climate, I must say. I couldn't resist with the plant porn about the cycad -- or the butterflies. I kind of feel like a fourth-grader, but it's fun!

Janet said...

Good morning Diana, welcome back! Your garden seems to have exploded with color! Do you leave your Caladiums in the ground over winter? I planted some this spring, haven't seen any sign of them yet.

Diana said...

Hi Janet -- Yes, I do leave the caladiums in the ground and this is their third year to return. I have them planted among the African Hostas and some Agapanthus and Impatiens. Even a few of the Impatiens came back again. You can't count on them for a show, so I will need to supplement, but it is pretty amazing to me that they will come back at all.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I'm glad your mom is doing better. I'm always very pleased to see my plants returning after the winter.

Pam/Digging said...

Welcome back to the blog and the garden. I hope your mom is doing well. Your winecups are gorgeous. I'd walk around them too.

Diana said...

Robin - It's kind of like meeting up with an old friend after an absence, isn't it?

Pam - Thanks -- Mom's doing really well and the Winecups are still going strong.

SandyCarlson said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome back Diana. All looks well and good in your garden.

east-side-patch said...

That sago palm is amazing!
I am interested as to the age of this plant when it got "excited".
Is there a way to tell if you have a male or female sago before this happens.
Interesting post.