Friday, May 1, 2009

A few new friends...

The rain must have made my Martha Gonzales rose happy as she is blooming a lot this week. Her open blooms are like little saucers, so I was surprised one evening to find this 1/2 closed bloom with its very different look.
The rain also made the window box happy as it erupted with various snapdragons and geraniums in front of Kallie's window.
This is a salvia that Renee of Renee's Roots passed along to me last weekend at our garden bloggers tour ... I wish I could remember the exact name of it - Renee ... help?
And this is the Engleman's Daisy that I got from Pam, of Digging, at our gathering last weekend. It was in a BIG pot and took me 2 holes to get it into the ground -- I ran into a rock when I was almost finished, and I had to start over 6 - 8 inches next to it. My tendonitis was screaming at me all week!


Pam/Digging said...

Uh-oh! Sorry for that big pot 'o clay that came with the daisy, Diana. That's heavy-duty clay from Green Hall Garden, and I'm glad you now have a little to "live on" in your garden.

Gail said...

Hi Diana...I totally understand and empathize with you about rocks! When my back was stronger (younger) they were a piece of cake! Unfortunately, they often dictate where we can plant! The rose is beautiful~~We can water and water, but a little rain has a magic effect on the garden that watering can't produce. gail

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The rose is gorgeous and I love your new friends. The rain certainly made them feel at home.

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

That salvia looks like S. madrensis, forsythia sage. It gets pretty tall here on my corner of Katy so be prepared for that little plant to grow!

Diana said...

Pam - Ah - the problem was MY clay, not yours. and the daisy is still alive! In fact, I just watered it with the watering can -- it's in the woods just past the bird feeders where I can see it out the breakfast room window.

Gail -- you are so right about that magic rain!

Lisa -- thanks -- it's great to have new bloomers in the garden. So many new things are popping open every week.

Cindy - You're right! That is what the plant is -- I remember it now that I read your comment and it jogged my (old) memory! Thanks -- so nice to know so I can write it down somewhere and forget where I wrote it!