Friday, April 17, 2009

Seed sowing in the cutting garden & more veggies

Boy -- sprinkling a few seeds seems so simple, doesn't it?


But it was fun. Since the soil is nothing but nasty clay, I scraped back the mulch, scraped a little soil off and sowed the seeds, then put good, new garden soil on top and replaced the mulch.

I even had a *PLAN* -- ha ha. (I almost never make one for myself -- it's the old shoemakers children have no shoes syndrome.)

So all the seeds for the cut flowers are going all around these plants.

Here's what I planted:

Vinca - Little Pinkie
Sweet Peas -- Patio Mix
Shasta Daisies --Silver Princess
Zinnias -- Pinwheel Mix
Cosmos - two kinds: Bright Lights & Fordhook Mix
African Lion's Tail
Blackberry Lily
Bachelor's Buttons -- Blue Boy
Morning Glory - Early Call Mix

And we're getting some severe thunderstorms today and tomorrow, so they will get some good, fresh rain to get them started.

Cross your fingers!

Now on to the veggie garden.

A tomato! We have several small ones, about golf-ball sized. This one is on the first tomato that I planted successfully from seed -- so he's near and dear to my heart.
And a bell pepper.
And, since this is Texas, we always have some jalapenos growing in our garden.

I love having the makings of fresh pico de gallo (tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, limes and cilanatro) in my garden all summer long. The cilantro is hard to keep when it heats up, but I'm always trying to sneak a few plants into the shade.


SomeLikeItHot said...

Good luck with the seeds. Your timing couldn't be better.

I planted tomatoes from seed also, and they are just slightly behind yours. My peppers, on the other hand, are way behind. I planted these from seed as well? Are yours from seed? If so, what is your trick?


Janet said...

I love direct sowing seeds! Your veggies look great! Nothing better than the long growing season in Texas.

Lancashire rose said...

I'm sure you were busy getting the seeds in before it rained- and it did rain! I can't believe you have peppers already. I haven't even got mine in the ground yet.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yipee for the bitty tomato. Yahoo for seeds planted. Go Di !!

Diana said...

Laura -- I planted the peppers and tomatoes too early and they got a little freeze burn in March, but they've come back just fine. I got really lucky in my eagerness! I tried twice to grow bell pepper seeds and failed -- these are transplants -- I just gave up! Good luck with yours.

Janet - You are right about that long growing season -- it spoils us for sure. This is my first real success at direct sowing tomatoes, so I am excited about it. When can you start veggie planting there?

Lancashire Rose -- I'm so glad I got those seeds in! We had 1.14 inches yesterday here and more this morning. Like I told Laura - I put those tomatoes and peppers in just a tad early, but now I'm glad. Of course it would be different if they'd frozen dead!

Lisa -- I know - it is so rewarding to grow things from seeds. I did tomatoes and onions and radishes and herbs in the greenhouse in January - it was so fun. Now I can't wait to eat those heirloom tomato varieties and compare them.

getgrounded said...

That cutting flower bed is going to be amazing once those seeds get going, Diana. And fun - fresh pico sounds awesome - you even have the lemon juice to top it with!

Diana said...

GetGrounded : I sure hope so. And they'd all better come up so it fills in as planned : - ) My cilantro is bolting like crazy, but I have another new one planted in full shade by the hose that might last a while yet.

Gail said...

Diana, How fortuitous to have a thunderstorm waiting to water your garden! it's going to be lovely...I like your choice of annuals. I had to supplement the water for a few babies I went from 40 to 70 in a day! That certainly shocks a newly planted plant! The seeds don't mind at all! have a good weekend! gail

lleller said...

I love the picture of the tomato!

Diana said...

Gail -- I knew I'd better get them in there or else pay for water! 40 to 70 is a big difference, that's for sure. I'm trying not to water too much, knowing it will get so hot and dry and I don't want to over-baby the plants -- they need to be hardy! I spend a lot of time hand watering with a watering can to supplement individual plants. And of course, THAT isn't time consuming!

LLE -- You should plan a long weekend down here in a few weeks to a month and you can EAT it!

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