Flowers, friendship, food and fun with Austin garden bloggers

On Sunday, a growing group of Austin garden bloggers gathered to tour two gardens and socialize and swap plants. We started with a lovely tour of noted author, Jill Nokes', garden and she entertained us with stories of the history of her house and her garden's evolution.

Her rock wall and archway are filled with memorabilia like fossils, bits and pieces of other things she's collected and whimiscal items.
After the tour at Jill's -- we wandered through the neighborhood and snapped some pictures of interesting plant life along the way.

Then we ventured south for a tour of Jenny -- Lancashire Rose's garden -- along with appetizers and drinks and a plant swap to top off the day.

The architecture of their angular house set against the myriad of rock formations and seeminly endless spring blooms blowing in the breeze was amazing.

I've read her blog for some time, but this is an instance where a camera and photos are simply no match for the personal visit and the human eye. Even the best of equipment cannot capture the breath-taking views and rooms she and her husband have created in their Hill Country oasis.

I just had to take a few pictures to remind myself how lovely and peaceful it all was.

After our tour and social hour, we had a plant swap.

What an interesting array of plants. Irises, agaves, salvias, tomatoes, trees, datura, roses, seeds, red wine vinegar mother -- you name it, we had it to share.

I felt like a kid in a candy store!

A perfect spring afternoon in Austin, surrounded by friends, and sharing our love of gardening and nature.

Special thanks to Pam of Digging -- our fearless leader (!) -- for organizing, and to Jill and Jenny for inviting us into their gardens.

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