*Easter Greetings*

Just a few quick shots from our grey day here in Austin.

There is no real gardening on the agenda today -- instead I am mostly cleaning house and cooking for tomorrow.

I did have to bring in a few little pots that hadn't been planted yet because we are supposed to get severe thunderstorms tomorrow morning.

So I battened down the hatches before the rain hits, and closed up the greenhouse windows and doors and picked radishes and parsley for tomorrow's salad.

I am so tickled to report that there are actual little green tomatoes on several of my tomato plants! They are very small - mostly cherry tomato sized, but there, nonetheless. The green onions are growing nicely, but not ready to pick for a while. (Did I mention that the weeds are also growing nicely?! THAT will be a Monday chore for sure.)

I still have several little daffodils blooming in various small clumps scattered about. It's so nice that they don't all come out at once. I like it better that way -- it extends the smiling season!

Just a little decorative nest inside the house to welcome the Easter Bunny tomorrow.
The Angel Wing Begonia is beautiful and healthy. It loved the winter in the greenhouse and is enjoying the cooler weather of Spring.
And there are limes on the lime tree. They are about the size of cherry tomatoes, too! But the tree is full of dozens more blooms, so we may have some fresh limeade before too long.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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