Building a new bed...

Well, it doesn't photograph very well yet, or maybe it's me (!) but here are the new additions to the Greenhouse corner bed.
I've put in an Indigo Spires Salvia, three Lamb's ears, a variegated Quasimodo Agave, 3 Violet Pentas, 1 Warsaw Nike Clematis vine and a packet of Bachelor's buttons. I have about 6 more packets of cutting flower seeds to sow and a few more plants to buy for the other end, but I am well on my way.
The new plants are joining some Texas Bluebonnets, some mystery lilies and Larkspur given to me by MSS of Zanthan Gardens. On the other end, I have some orange ditch lilies given to me by Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil, 3 Daimianita, some Stock, and an Agave passalong from Phillip of East-Side Patch.

Guess I could call this my Passalong Garden!
I wish I could say that I had help, but I didn't! Just observers.

As much as Dakota digs, I sure wish I could train her to dig holes for me, but no such luck. Lately she's taken to digging in the grass and unearthing earthworms! And then, yes, eating them. And then yakking them up. Nice, huh? Bet you could have gone all day without knowing that bit of information.

But I really wanted to share it with you!
This CLAIMS to be a DWARF agave...I sure hope that isn't a lie!
My new Buddha will smile on these plants.
Garden Art along Kallie's playscape fence.

And a very happy little girl enjoying her playscape and making her own fun in the sun.
But even in the sun, she loves writing and reading and hauled her stuff up into the fort to write in her journal. (Yes, she's 6!)

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