Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sorry folks. At today's Garden Bloggers gathering, I gave away a bag full of plants to my garden blogging friends and mis-named it!

It is Callisia frangrans, or Basket Plant, not Dutchman's pipe. I misspoke.

So sorry!

But it's a fabulous plant and I hope you all enjoy it. Anyone else who didn't get to come to the tours today can comment here and I would be happy to share more of this wonderful plant - I have plenty to share!


katina said...

It was nice meeting you. And no, I don't need any of the plants :) ...I noticed the picture of your dogs and that you referred to them as your "bubbies." I think it's funny because we refer to one of our cats as "bubby" sometimes. :)

Annie in Austin said...

It's always fun to see you, Diana! With more than a dozen garden-bloggers showing up yesterday it was quite a party, wasn't it?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

vbdb said...

Have seen cacti and tender vines both called by that name and wondered if it was just yet another plant using a common name. Thanks for the clarification.

Henry Flowers of Festival Hill in Round Top gave me a plant called "Dutchman's Pipe" that is Aristolochia macrophylla Alba. Have you grown it in our area?

Anyway, what a great day in spite of the threatening weather and crazy wind. Always enjoy a chance to hang out with this incredible group.

Diana said...

Katina - it was nice to meet you, too. I do call them bubbies -- especially Tanner - that's my nickname for him. I never thought of a cat with the same name!

Annie -- It was great to see you. That was such a wonderful day - I couldn't have had more fun in one afternoon. Friends, "Free" plant shopping, food, gardens, pictures... the list just goes on!

vbdb -- I got confused because I saw a bunch of them at the Zilker fest at the exotic vendor and just mixed them up. I've never had a real Dutchman's pipe - but they look very cool. Maybe I will get one there next year -- that's where I collect exotics from! It was great to see you again -- I had a ball. Now I can't wait until Spring Fling.