Thursday, March 5, 2009

Should I, or should I not?


It's the 5th of March. It's going to be 83 today and the lowest forecasted temp in the next 7 days is 50.

I'm leaving town for spring break for 6 days at the end of that 7-day forecast...

Plants in the greenhouse are VERY hot in the afternoons and require a lot of care to keep them cool -- like hosing down the whole place and wetting the gravel at least once a day.

Our "official" last chance of frost is March 21st.

What are the chances that some freakish front with frost decides to frown upon us if I DON'T take the plants all out before I go?

What are the chances that the plants BOIL in their own skin if someone forgets to open up the greenhouse or isn't around to cool them off?

Decisions, decisions.

Then there is this wind. Probably 30mph at least - I'm afraid to bring some of the plants out because they will get beaten up. I think they will need temporary homes up on the patio where there is windbreak. Which means moving furniture to make room for them...and then moving them yet again later.

Gardening is a lot of work.

(I know, I'm a master of the obvious. I'm just cranky about it because I would so rather be planting than hauling.)

So, should I, or shouldn't I?


Pam/Digging said...

It's that tricky time of year. Oh wait, that's all year.

So I think it depends on whether you have a dependable plant-sitter available while you're gone. If not, I'd take them out and put them in a sheltered location by your house. I'll always put my money on broiling heat instead of freezing cold around here.

Janet said...

ah, those spring time decisions. not sure what I would do. Have a nice trip though.

Diana said...

Pam - Bwaahahhaha! Yes, it is all year. I think they are going onto the patio. And now that I think that, I'd better get on it ... there are a LOT of plants in there! (before the rains come on Sunday!!!)

Janet -- I think it's like washing my car. Maybe I will jinx us and bring on a freeze ... oh, the pressure!

vbdb said...

Rains on Sunday???

I'm siding with Pam on the heat/freeze thing if you're looking at 6 days.

lleller said...

I agree....take them outta the greenhouse. BTW, how did you get a picture and text between a separating line on your sidebar. Is it a template thing or did you use a gadget? I can either have a picture or text on my sidebar but not both together without a line separating them. Thanks

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Alright, quit your whining and get them hauled over to the patio. You willl feel so virtuous when you have them all properly toted up to the patio. Then you can relax and enjoy your spring break.

Diana said...

vdbd -- yes, I saw 30% chances of rain for several days next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

LL -- I used a gadget - add picture -- and just put in the headline and typed a long comment inside the caption portion. It has more capacity that you think.

Lisa @ Greenbow - Ok, I'm haulin them outta there! Tomorrow it starts. And some will go into the garden, too. No whining!!!

lleller said...

Gotcha! Thanks:)

getgrounded said...

I laughed at Lisa's comment, but I'm right there with her and Pam. EXCEPT for this, I used to go to SXSW during Spring Break, and every year we had the final cold front during that week. I can remember vividly actually pulling a blanket out of my trunk because I hadn't dressed warmly enough to wander sixth street at night. Though, as I think about it, it wasn't below freezing. I think you should put your plants out and toughen them up a bit! After all, it IS Texas and fluctuations during winter is the name of the game. However, how does it really get in the greenhouse? Is it as hot as a Texas summer in there? They should be able to take it with the windows open, shouldn't they?