Garden geek, or not?

I think we all secretly wonder if we've crossed the line into 'Garden Geekdom.' And Carol, of May Dreams Gardens has a formula for determining this as it relates to Valentine's gifts.

I'm not sure if I qualify or not, but here's what I got for my birthday -- tell me what you think!
A little bird-house night light
A garden-inspired candle in a lovely shade of green with a butterfly
A bird house, a fairy house and a little birdie
A garden snail that doesn't require beer for bait!
A little herb pot with seeds. 

And, not shown, a gift certificate for 2 - yes, count them, 2, 90-minute massages to recuperate from all the gardening!

So, does that make me a geek.  (BTW, none of these items were requested or on a wish list.  All my sweet loved ones came up with these amazing and beautiful ideas all on their own!)