Monday, March 16, 2009

A fine Spring day for hauling manure...

It's another beautiful Spring day here in Indiana. After a morning of browsing the antique and gift shops along the square in Noblesville, I came back to the farm to see what's peeking out of the ground. My DH and his brother, on the other hand, cleaned out the horse barns and hauled and spread manure on the fields.

I think I got the better job!

There are many little daylilies popping up in my mother-in-law's gardens.
And there are the fabulous orange ditch lilies teasing me along the ditch by the creek. I am so lucky to have some at home in Austin, thanks to my good friend, Lori, The Gardener of Good and Evil, who so kindly brought me some back from Wisconsin ditches last year. I am so tempted to dig some of these up, but they aren't on our side of the road, so I'd better not raid the neighor's ditch -- that wouldn't be very nice!

Here my mother-in-law's stunning collection of sedums have survived the winter and the snow and are ready to grow some more.
See the pretty blue sky and all the birds who've come to sing for us today?


Gail said...

Diana, It sounds like you are really enjoying your visit! I would love to find a manure source....well aged of course!


Diana said...

Oh Gail - we are having a great time -- but that manure is extremely FRESH!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You definitely got the better job Diana. I do wish I had some of that horse manure for my flower beds. Now that would be nice.

getgrounded said...

Diana, sounds like a good time is in the works. I can't wait to see the ditch lily blooms! Looks like Indiana is getting plenty of moisture.

Annie in Austin said...

What a nice, nostalgic visit to the midwest, Diana - looks your Mom-in-Law will have lots of pretty iris, too!
The cold snap didn't get to frost even in my part of Austin so your plants are probably just fine ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose