Back home in Indiana

We arrived in Indiana for a family visit on Friday evening, where the weather was cold and in the 40's, just like back at home in Austin, albeit dry.
Today, it was 58 and sunny and beautiful. We had some fun on the farm doing some chores, cutting down trees (I say we, I really mean the guys - I only watched from afar!), burning wood, taking horse photos (they breed and show Belgian Draft Horses) and watching my sister and brother-in-law's dogs run amok around the farm. This is Chief in the photo above, who came out for an improptu photo op!
As terriers, these little dogs are always looking for something, and it was a hoot watching them try to dig their way to China in search of a mole. Here they were convinced that they had someone cornered in this hollow tree!

Not much garden news to report. I'm seeing some bulbs peeking up in the yard and grass is starting to turn green.

I'll have a full report on Tuesday, when I'll get a private nursery and greenhouse tour from a family friend who works there. I am hoping to get some photos to share with you.

We'll be here until Wednesday. The rain was supposed to stop in Austin today or tomorrow -- I am eager to get home and see all the growth that came as a result. I know that the radish leaves in the garden went from a few inches tall to the size of leaf lettuce in the three days of rain we had before we left -- shoot, I might even be able to eat one when we get back.

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