Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are you growing these, too?

I have lots of these growing in my garden and my lawn...dandelions abound around here these days until the grass gets going and thickens up.

Many other weeds grace Nature's Garden with their presence, although I don't know their names like I do the plants I choose to put into the ground.

Can you name them for me?

I'll send a big bag of free weeds to the garden blogger who IDs the most weeds in this post!

Have a great week! Happy Spring.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very funny. I have my own garden full of weeds so I will decline your fine offer. tee hee....

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Yes I am growing most of those as well.
hen bit
wild geranium
something in the carrot family
don't know
don't know
crab grass
don't know

Keep the weeds. We've got plenty:)

getgrounded said...

Diana,lol, I don't need your bag o' weeds, cause I'm apparently growing the same things you are. That last one looks like clover to me, but it could be a volunteer oxalis. I get those all the time, fortunately. Everything else, uh...don't know. Great post!

Janet said...

I don't need your bag-o-weeds! thanks anyway! We just went to bermuda all over the yard and weed control is easier in the winter. That one looks like Poa anna, some call annual Bluegrass. That is one of the biggest culprits here. I remember in Texas we had Johnson grass. What a mean one...any node of a rhizome left in the ground will reappear.

Rachel @ in bloom said...

I've got examples of all of those in my garden. I kind of like the wild geranium, if it'll stay out of my vegetables! But you forgot my favorite (read: least favorite), the one that sticks to my clothes like velcro and makes little sticker burrs and tiny white flowers.

Diana said...

Lisa - So sorry you weren't interested in my great offer of free weeds!

Debbi - Yep - one of those is crab grass and one is in the oxalis family. THEY are hard to get rid of! Sure you don't want some?!

GetGrounded - I hate that clover, don't you? So many weeds, so little time!

Janet - But my Bermuda creeps into my beds and then it's a bear to get it out, it never wants to leave! I usually dig out the johnson grass with my weed popper.

Diana said...

Rachel - well, thank goodness that is one weed I don't have - no sticker burrs in my yard...yet!

vertie said...

So glad you posted this! I wanted the identification of some of these myself. And have just learned that one is wild geranium.

I was told that the carrot looking one is called false carrot. The others I don't know.

AnneTanne said...

I only recognize a few of them, as some may not bee growing here in Europe.
The first one looks like a sow thistle (Sonchus sp.), the second looks like our native Verveine (Verbena officinalis), but it's probably something else.
The third looks like a Geranium, but since you call it a weed, it might be creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens), but no, it's more like a Geranium.
The fourth... an Apiaceae, but don't ask me which one... The next, I have no idea. Only the last must be an Oxalis sp.

Layanee said...

I came over looking for flowers but the weeds are everywhere! LOL at this post and no way am I going to win this price.

Diana said...

Vertie -- I know, I am learning so much! And it's cheaper than buying a weed book. My blogging friends are always so smart and solve all my mysteries.

Anne Tanne - Wow. You even have botanical names for these little buggers. I am so impressed with what you know. And just like I see most of my flowers in European gardens when we visit, I'm sure we share many of the same weeds as well.

Layanee -- Are you sure you don't want some? They're free, after all!

Lancashire rose said...

Keep 'em Diana.I have all those and nut grass too. All the ones you show are pretty easy to pull out but nut grass is a whole other ball game.

Diana said...

Lancashire Rose -- Too bad I didn't have anything you wanted! I have nut grass as well, but have it under control in some places, though I worked really, really hard to get rid of it. It's popping up in the veggie garden now, and that's going to be a big problem. Good luck with yours.

Bob said...

Sow Thistle



Beggars Lice[the one that sticks to your pants]

Don't know


Don't know

Don't know

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Hope this helps

Frances said...

Jeez, who could resist that prize? Let's see, oxalis, veronica, fleabane,queen anne's lace,crabgrass, asters, geranium,dandelion, those are mostly guesses, don't know the little grass but we have that here too.

Dawn said...

Great post! For once I can safely say that I have every plant you've photographed. LOL! It's fun to learn the names of these volunteers.

BTW, I am convinced my garden has an exceptional species of "titanium dandelion" that does not respond to herbicide...or nuclear holocaust.