Ah ha -- garden guest uncovered!

Ok...this post is from Tanner.

I've been trying to help my mom decipher the garden salad bar thief mystery.

I keep snooping around...




and, yes, eating.

Today I finally led her to the best clue. She was sneaking up on me, hoping to find me doing something mischievous (who, me?).

And I had my nose deeply buried in the grass, chomping on a little snack.

What did she find when she came over? Rabbit turds! Yumm-o.

She was grossed out, needless to say, and shoed me away for further inspection of the clues.

So, now she can set about fixing some of the gaps under the garden fence and keep that little bunny out of the salad bar.

I mean, if she put up that fence to keep ME from eating tomatoes, and I LIVE here, then no rabbits should be allowed in there to get what I can't have.

Don't you think that's only fair?

I'll be on careful watch now to make sure the bunny doesn't come back in the yard, either.

That's my job, after all!

I'm a good boy. That's all for my post today, now I'll turn it back over to Mom!
--- Tanner

Mom, here. Ok - I decided everyone needs to come out of the greenhouse before next week's trip to Indiana. Here's the last photo of the plants all nestled in their winter beds.

A few plants are happily blooming in the warmth of the greenhouse, like this hibiscus.
Dutchman's pipe in full, fragrant bloom.

In addition to the tropical plants, now all the veggies have to go into the veggie garden. So I have been composting and planting and digging out grubs today.

Took a lunch break, but now I have to get back out there. We're supposed to have chances of rain, glorious rain, from Sunday through Thursday and I want to make sure the veggies are ready for it.

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