The sweet smell of Spring... about to be in the air here in Austin.

My Mountain laurels are plump with buds and a few, ever-so-slightly open blooms.

It seems early, so I checked my blog from last year, and in fact, my post about the beautiful Mountain Laurel blooms in 2008 was dated February 28th, so I guess they are not so early, after all.  (Nice to be able to look back, isn't it?)

And I am ready. I saw one in our part of town that is a good 15+ feet tall and already full of blooms -- it's stunning. I can't wait to walk along my driveway and smell all 5 of mine at once.

Just a shot to show you Ms. Phoebe Hellebore's sister bud who will be joining us soon. Even the buds are delicate.

And the misty weather yesterday has made the Japanese quince really pop today, with even more pretty blooms.
And the garden Fairies were recently hard at work, adding a nicely-lined walkway up to the Fairy House.

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