Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The sweet smell of Spring... about to be in the air here in Austin.

My Mountain laurels are plump with buds and a few, ever-so-slightly open blooms.

It seems early, so I checked my blog from last year, and in fact, my post about the beautiful Mountain Laurel blooms in 2008 was dated February 28th, so I guess they are not so early, after all.  (Nice to be able to look back, isn't it?)

And I am ready. I saw one in our part of town that is a good 15+ feet tall and already full of blooms -- it's stunning. I can't wait to walk along my driveway and smell all 5 of mine at once.

Just a shot to show you Ms. Phoebe Hellebore's sister bud who will be joining us soon. Even the buds are delicate.

And the misty weather yesterday has made the Japanese quince really pop today, with even more pretty blooms.
And the garden Fairies were recently hard at work, adding a nicely-lined walkway up to the Fairy House.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Mmmmmm...the smell of grape coolaid in spring. That is what Texas Mountain Laurel smells like to me.

Carol said...

I remember all the posts last year about the wonderful smell of the mountain laurels. It would be nice to have that 'scratch and sniff' screen in a few weeks.

Also love the fairy house with the steps leading it up to it. Every garden needs that!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

queenofseaford said...

I didn't know about Texas Mountain Laurel. How pretty and fragrance to boot! When you said Laurel, I thought Kalmia latifolia(mountain laurel). I love purple.

Frances said...

Oh oh oh, the garden fairies are back too, hooray! So nice to see a hellebore down your way and the laurel is amazing. Love that blue. So nice that you are getting spring and also so nice to be able to check back on the dates of blooms too. Reality check! HA

Diana said...

Debbi - Yes, it will smell just like grape Koolaid and the bees and butterflies will be in heaven. And then the caterpillars will try to kill the trees!

Carol -- Wish I could give you scratch and sniff. Just stop at the grocery and buy a packet of grape Koolaid, and voila - you can sniff while you surf!

Janet -- They are oddly named, it's true. Right now they are deep purple/blue and when they open they will slowly evolve to a pale lavender.

Frances -- yes, the garden fairy likes this warm weather and she flits about, collecting rocks and sticks and other important building materials and treasure. I love having her in the garden with me.

getgrounded said...

Diana, my buds are getting plump on the mountain laurel, but not as far along as yours yet. And oooh, you know I'm lovin' Ms. Phoebe. I have five new grape hyacinths that are gaining prowess each day, and I'll probably have a nice post with pics in a day or two. I also saw a large mountain laurel in full bloom and just went and stood by it and drank it in. Aaaah, spring. (By the way, Jim Spencer tonight said "drier than normal" through May. Sigh.)