Seriously? February?

No, this isn't last year's photo.

It isn't a silk flower.

It isn't a painting.

This is the first Bluebonnet of the season.  With the tiniest piece of a bloom opening to these warm February days.

Yesterday it was 91 here.  Last night it was 41 at our house and today it's 60 with up to 40 mph winds.    I'm ready for the winds to STOP so I can get to work on...this box!

Here we have my mail order -- filled with little gems to put in various gardens.  I love High Country Gardens - their plants all came healthy and they include icons in their catalog to tell you if their plants are deer and rabbit resistant.  That's critical information for me and saves me so many steps when they print it right there.
So, we have some lilies, creeping germander, thyme, four-nerve daisy and agastache.
Thymus 'Pink Chintz'
Hymenoxys Acaulis
Teucrium Aroanium

Agastache 'Acapulco Salmon & Pink'
These are my baby daffodils - planted long ago and name long-lost!

The bees and the butterflies were literally swarming around the Texas Mountain Laurels yesterday.  I kept trying to get a close-up of this butterfly and there was one bee who kept trying to dive-bomb me, certain that I was going to take away his dinner.  I told him I meant him no harm, but he didn't listen, so I gave up and settled for a lesser photo, and me, unstung!