I did it!

Well, I did it.

Thanks to all the encouragement of my garden blogging friends, I took the plunge (and the pruners) and cut off the German Double Pink Brugmansia.

Yep - I whacked her off. And the good news it that I am trying to root threw new ones!

I took three shoots and planted them in good soil with compost and watered them well.

And I talked to them. I hope they all survive.  I know my tall Mama will be better off, because she will continue to grow.  

How fun would it be to have a cluster of them planted together?

So, thanks for all your words of encouragement and "get over it!"

Sometimes it's just hard to cut new growth when you've just seen it come on and you feel lucky to have it in the first place!  

Since I dug her up for the winter, I was so afraid I'd hurt her roots, that I didn't want to take any chances with her.

Cross your fingers for the babies!

I'll keep you posted on their progress.