Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day O' Blooms!

Many bees and butterflies joined me for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens, and I hope you'll enjoy the tour through the garden as much as they did!
This is my new Potato Vine, which Robin of GettingGrounded, encouraged me to buy for a shady fence.
The Rosemary is in full bloom all around the garden.
The Snapdragons that I planted in December are finally coming into bloom.
The beautiful fringe of Loropetalum adds a touch of whimsy in the garden.
My photos don't so justice to the stunning purple of this verbena.  (Or the ugly brown leaves that I'm leaving there for another 2 weeks to protect it in the event of a last freeze.)
Some more Daffodils joining the Spring party.
A lone Phlox bloom popped open today just in time for Bloom day.
Japanese quince loves these Spring days.
Can you believe I have a Hellebore?  I love it.  It was a catalog order, and her name is Phoebe.  I need to get her some friends now that she's survived to bloom.
Indigo Spires never fail to produce, though these will need to be cut back this week so they aren't too leggy by Summer.
This Euonymous just seems to say, "Hello."
This sneaky little Vinca is a volunteer that just popped up in the middle of a Bi-color Iris outside the back fence.

Some Sweet Alyssum in the rock garden may the path a perky place.
Happy Bloom Day!


Pam/Digging said...

Seems like so much is going on in your garden right now. I left a potato vine behind in my old garden, and your photo reminds me of how sweet the parachuting flowers are.

queenofseaford said...

Hi Diana, wow, you have lots of blooms already!! Oh to be in Texas! I really like that Hellebore, Phoebe. She is a beaut.

Diana said...

Pam -- The Potato vine is a new one for me, but I am eager to see her cover the fence with those pretty white blooms perking up the shady area.

Janet -- Lots of single blooms, some I had to search for, but I'm always so tickled to find the hidden ones. That Phoebe is my pride and joy. I know that there is a catalog search in my future one night for different varieties to join her.

getgrounded said...

A Hellebore - what a gorgeous flower! I know nothing about it, but now I'll have to investigate further. You didn't show a picture of your greenhouse blooms or your new abutilon....I was actually looking forward to seeing some of those bright blooms. And thanks for inspiring me to get some Alyssum, yours is beautiful.

Diana said...

Get Grounded -- I didn't post the Abutilon - that's for another post asking for help in IDing its proper name. It was not properly named at BSN, so now I am curious. I left greenhouse blooms off because I posted them last time and it seems like cheating!! I know, don't laugh ;-o That Hellebore is something, isn't she? I am used to seeing them up north, but didn't know if I could grow one.

getgrounded said...

I just read about the Hellebore at Heronswood Nursery. It supposedly loves full shade! Where has this plant been all my life? What else does it need? Lots of water or not? What do you do for yours? Did you order from Heronswood?

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

What a great GBBD post. Love the hellebore.

AnneTanne said...

A beautiful list!
Here in Belgium, we are a little later: Rosemary only blooms from March onwards (but mine is frostbit, so I hope it will recover), and although I sometimes find a periwinkle flower in February, I don't this year after that long and cold winter we had/have.
Daffodils are for March/April too...
Last year, my Japanese quince showed it's first flowers in January, but this year, I can't find nothing yet...

Jan said...

Love the potato vine and the hellebore. It is so nice to have flowers in February.

Always Growing

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have such a nice smattering of blooms Diana. I do like that helebore. It is unusual with its several layers.

Frances said...

Hi Diana, alyssum along a path is the best thing there is, I adore that fragrance. And what a stunning hellebore, double and freckles too! Hooray for the flowers of Austin. :-)

Carol said...

Indeed, it is a "day o'blooms" in your garden. Lots to see!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Diana said...

GetGrounded -- I checked my garden journal and I DID get the Hellebore from Heronswood! (how exciting to be able to find a piece of information -- that's rare for me!) I ordered it on 2/28/08. It is in full shade along the house down the path at the end of the driveway. And it gets more moisture there because my hose is right there so I squirt it often with leftovers when I turn off the sprayer. You need to order some.

Thanks, Debbi -- I'm going to have to get her some friends since she's survived and I now know where she came from.

AnneTanne -- You've had a very cold winter there, though this year, haven't you? I have family in Germany, and lived 3 years in Belgium as a child where I spoke both French and Flemish. We were there on vacation 2 years ago. I hope you warm up soon and see the signs of Spring. Thanks for visiting - I'll come by and see your blog in a bit.

Jan - I love how that tiny one gallon potato vine is already lighting up that dark fence area - I can't wait until it's big and covering some of the fence.

Lisa - my favorite part of the Hellebore is those little "freckles" in the middle - they are so delicate. I can't believe that little thing survived our boiling summer last year.

Frances -- I think you are right about the Alyssum and I'm thinking about trying it from seed since I need a lot of it. And I've never smelled it! I will have to go out this week and squat down and stick my nose into it ;-)

Carol -- so happy to be part of your party, as always.

Pam Kersting said...

Indigo Spires is one of my favorite salvias! Can't believe all of the action you've got in February!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

All your flowers are beautiful, but that Hellebore is to die for!

Diana said...

Pam Kersting - Thanks - There are lots of single little leftover or just starting out blooms scattered about. The Indigo Spires bring such beautiful and uncommon blues into the landscape, don't they?

MMD - Thanks - I love that little Hellebore. Hadn't even heard of one until last year, and now that I know I can grow them, I've ordered 3 more!