Saturday, February 21, 2009

And some new clothes to go with the haircuts!

We have a little drainage problem here at Nature's Garden. Well, we have several.

Which I am sure seems odd when you consider we are living in a drought-stricken area that's just hot and dry at best.

But when the rains do come, everything floods around here because it's all clay and limestone (like at Gail's!), and the water pours off instead of seeping in.

And our homebuilder didn't anticipate the volume of water we get and how it might collect in places where you try to get into your house.

So, yesterday, after 5-1/2 years, I finally took care of the front walk. In a good rain, we got a lake on the walkway about 3+ feet wide. NOT enough to step over if you were coming to our front door.

Of course we don't use the front door ourselves, hence my procrastination. But it's cold out and I can't plant yet, so I had to think of some other garden project to do!

So after removing several inches of mulch and some soil, a dry river rock stream bed now graces the front of the house.

I like it. It adds interest and texture in some big beds.

And it really will be a stream in May when the rains come (IF they come this year).
Nice, huh?
And I just couldn't resist taking pictures of some lovely Spring color -- the daffodils like this breezy weather.
And, in spite of a cool day today, this Verbena is smokin' HOT, don't you think?


queenofseaford said...

I know those Texas gully washes! Hope the gravel dry bed works.

Diana said...

Janet -- They are something, aren't they, those floods? First no rain forever, then flooding...something's not quite right!

Gail said...

It looks great!~ A dry stream is just what is needed to tame water on the impenetrable limestone and clay;-)

Diana said...

Thanks, Gail ... and YOU would know what works with clay and limestone. But our clay is black, not yours red? I remember some serious red clay when I lived for a few years in Georgia as a child.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

The dry creek bed is a great idea. I intend to use it at a friend's house where she has the same problem. It looks very nice.

getgrounded said...

I like the creek beds, good work. I really like that smokin' verbena!

Pam/Digging said...

Nice work. Now let's hope the rains come.

By the way, I heard from a dog-loving friend that Cookie and Coco have been adopted. I don't know how to confirm it though.

Diana said...

Debbi - Thanks. It may not totally solve the problem with really big floods, but I think it will take care of most of the normal rains and that will help. Good luck with your project.

Get Grounded -- That verbena is something, isn't she? Just a few shades lighter than the butterfly bush we were talking about...

Pam -- I hope I haven't jinxed the rains -- like washing the car! Thanks for the dog info. I know someone else who's interested, so I am hoping it all turns out well either way.

EAL said...

That is a great winter project. I believe I need something similar in the back of the house.

Nickie said...

not fair, you have flowers LOL!

nice stream bed....if only that would work here! Unfortunatly we tend to get a TON of water in the summer (2 years ago we had 27" withen 10 days!) which turnes my whole garden into a lake with nowhere for the water to go.

Diana said...

EAL -- We did this on the side of the side of the house as well, and it really helped a lot. Just put it on your list -- good luck!

Nickie -- We had torrential rains here, too, two years ago, but nothing much since! I know a really big flood will still give us a lake there, but those times are few and far between, so I hope this helps with the regular rains at least...we'll see!

Annie in Austin said...

The dry creek looks so cool when it's dry that being functional in rain seems like an 'extra', Diana - even though that's the reason you made it. Sure hope you get a chance to see if it works, because that would mean you had a good rain!

I heard about Cookie and Coco from one of the Divas of the Dirt. Isn't it good to know that Austin can still work like a small town sometimes?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Annie -- I hope the dry creeks gets tested really soon! We sure need some more rain. And it is nice that Austin is so caring and has that small town feel even though it really isn't any more. I think Cookie and Coco found a home, so that makes me happy. I used to volunteer at the Town Lake Animal Shelter, so those stories tug at my heartstrings.