And some new clothes to go with the haircuts!

We have a little drainage problem here at Nature's Garden. Well, we have several.

Which I am sure seems odd when you consider we are living in a drought-stricken area that's just hot and dry at best.

But when the rains do come, everything floods around here because it's all clay and limestone (like at Gail's!), and the water pours off instead of seeping in.

And our homebuilder didn't anticipate the volume of water we get and how it might collect in places where you try to get into your house.

So, yesterday, after 5-1/2 years, I finally took care of the front walk. In a good rain, we got a lake on the walkway about 3+ feet wide. NOT enough to step over if you were coming to our front door.

Of course we don't use the front door ourselves, hence my procrastination. But it's cold out and I can't plant yet, so I had to think of some other garden project to do!

So after removing several inches of mulch and some soil, a dry river rock stream bed now graces the front of the house.

I like it. It adds interest and texture in some big beds.

And it really will be a stream in May when the rains come (IF they come this year).
Nice, huh?
And I just couldn't resist taking pictures of some lovely Spring color -- the daffodils like this breezy weather.
And, in spite of a cool day today, this Verbena is smokin' HOT, don't you think?

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