Don't these look yummy?

They were!

I went out to work in the garden today (it was 80 degrees), and stumbled upon a handful of these ripe, red, shiny, glorious strawberries.  I left them there until Kallie came home, so she could come to the garden and be surprised.  And then we ate them for our dessert tonight.  I can't even begin to describe how sweet and juicy they were.  NOTHING like a grocery store strawberry.  Even Kallie said so.  Too bad we never have more than one little handful at a time!

But there are more coming, soon!

Sadly, one of my chores today was to cover the new daylilies in the SAFE back yard.  It is safe from deer, but not safe from bunnies or dogs.  sigh.

This fencing goes around the yard on 3 sides.  But the back of the yard is wrought iron with wide posts - wide enough for an entire family of bunnies to come crashing through.  Which I am assuming they did as they ate the lilies down to the nubs.  

Here's Mr. Burpee Big Boy tomato - growing like a .... oops, tomato!
See Mr. Radish, who popped his head up yesterday to see the sunshine?

See the lovely HOLE that Dakota dug in the back yard?  I think she wanted me to plant something there and thought she'd be helpful.
Helpful, scattering little clods of clay dirt all over my rock and granite path, so that I could sweep and hand pick clods out of the granite.  

So helpful!

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