Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whither the weather...

No matter what your weather this week, I suspect that you, like me, were glued to the television and the newspaper and the internet, eager for speculation and information about the weather.

My passion for gardening has grown slowly over the years, and as I was getting my education in plants and all things green, I was unwittingly minoring in weather.  

I always have an opinion about the weather forecast, don't you?  

Here in Austin, my typical comment is that the forecasters tend to play Chicken Little and tell us the sky is falling far too often.  I suppose it isn't their fault, they are just guessing, after all.  

To help me with my own forecasting (amateur, though I may be), my husband (also a weather amateur) had outfitted our home and yard with every conceivable gauging and forecasting gadget.

These two babies are in our master bath window and tell me the temps in the house, in the green house, outside, and outside in another location, as well as the humidity in the greenhouse.  LOVE them.
This tells me what it's like on the back porch.
And here's the thermostat in the garage - very important to know, that information!
This is the master gadget.  It reads the temps from 3 different locations (including the garage and the back porch and the cabana) and broadcasts them into the house so I don't have to set foot outside to see what the weather is like!
And this little dude was given to us by my father last Christmas -- it's a rain gauge that does all sorts of other things, too, but my husband would have to post to tell you more than that.  What I can tell you, is that it tells me how much water fell from the sky and I love that!

I'm a weather geek.  I admit it.

Are you?  Are there similar gadgets lurking in your house and garden.  Can you beat 8 components? I dare ya!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Very cool gadgets, I want.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh yes, I am a weather geek. I envy you all of your gadgets. tee hee...

Diana said...

Debbi - I laugh at them, but I secretly like them!

Lisa -- I think most of us are secret weather geeks, we just don't want to admit it!

queenofseaford said...

Love those gadgets. I think all gardeners are a bit weather-centric. Janet

getgrounded said...

Diana, that post is funny! I love gadgets, too, but I don't have enough places to even put all your gadgets! Central Texas weather is the most unpredictable place I've ever lived; even when a front is coming, it often is broken up or diverted by the lakes west of town, and sometimes not. Who knows? But the most amazing part of your post is, When did you manage to get .14" of rainfall???? And how sad that we are reduced to measuring our rainfall in the hundredths of an inch, and glad to have it.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Wow, you are weather obsessed! I like to know, generally what the weather is to be - rainy snowy, exceedingly cold, or if it's not rained in a while. But only nominally. I figure I have to live through the weather, no matter what it is, so no need to be THAT on top of it.

I have a couple gadgets, but am not happy with a single one - they all provide more functions than I need! That's 'cause I rely on gadgets as gifts (Christmas/Birthday gifts) and never get exactly what I'm looking for.

My most-used weather gadget is the link to It gives me the local temperature in the menu bar of my computer. I'm in front of the computer all day for work. Then I turn around and look out the window. That all i need to know.

Pam/Digging said...

You've got me beat! We have one indoor/outdoor digital thermometer, one old-fashioned mercury thermometer on the patio, and one cheapo plastic rain gauge.

Diana said...

Queeen of Seaford -- I think you're right. And to think I used to laugh at people who watched the weather channel!

GetGrounded - We got the .14 of rain early last week before the ice - I think that was the fog day and the mist the day after. And since we get so little rain, it's nice to know about the tidbits we do get.

Jim - You're right, I can look out the window or just walk out the door. But this gives me much more blog fodder! I like the idea of the weather in the menu bar on the computer -- don't have that one!

Pam - Someone or someTHING kept tearing up our plastic rain gauges, so we were glad to get this one as a gift from my Dad. The one gadget I failed to mention was my head - which tells me when the barometric pressure is changing!

Raymonty said...

I like your gadgets and things. My temp.gadget reads, 29.8 degrees outside here in the mountains near the Mohawk River.